President’s Message – Support for Students in Ukraine

Dear Students,

The war in Ukraine has horrified the world and caused disruption, displacement and hardship for the people of Ukraine. People and nations throughout the world have joined together to support Ukrainians through this very difficult time.

As you may be aware, Acsenda School of Management has university partners in Ukraine and was working towards establishing opportunities to collaborate. We reached out to our partners after the invasion to offer to help.

One of our partners, American Concordia University Ukraine, located in Kyiv asked us to support them by providing classes for students.  Their campus was impacted, their faculty displaced and this, in turn, has disrupted the education of their students.

This weekend we received a request to help their business students through enrolment in 5 of our upper-level business courses. We have about 48 students who will be enrolling in courses at ASM over the next couple of days. All students have a solid English language level. Their programs are taught in English and follow a North American Curriculum.   We have been receiving their registration and applications throughout today.  Some students will be enrolling in existing sections of classes and joining with our students, but most, due to the size of enrolments and timing will have special sections.  We will be reaching out to instructors of the courses to discuss the best way in which we can facilitate this initiative. ASM with the support of EduCo is covering the tuition expenses to help students and Concordia during these difficult times.

I hope we can arrange opportunities for collaboration with our regular ASM students over the course of the term.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

I am very proud to be able to be a part of an organization that shows this level of care and help during such a humanitarian crisis. I am pleased that we are able in this small way to help our educational partner and their students. I will keep you posted on further development.

Neil Mort