Think globally. Go beyond borders. Communicate across cultures.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program is a four-year undergraduate degree that allows you to select a concentration that suits your interests and career goals. As a graduate of this degree, you will be able to gain advanced standing towards appropriate professional designations.

Businesses need professionals who can act on the increasing connectedness of global markets, resources and information.

This program will ready students for careers with all kinds of internationally-oriented organizations, such as local businesses engaged in international trade, licensing or financial agreements, multinational enterprises, banks and other international financial institutions, various governmental organizations and companies having subsidiaries in other countries.


Acsenda is a FITT Accredited Educational Partner and graduates of our BBA-International Business Management (IBM) Program now have advanced standing towards the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) education requirements by transferring their credits to FITT. The CITP designation is an internationally recognized designation that signifies professionals who have competencies in international trade that are of the highest standard.

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International Business Management Concentration Courses

5 Courses Required

Subject Course Title
BIBM331 International Trade Management
BIBM332 International Finance
BIBM432 Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics
BMRK433 International Marketing Management
BIBM490 or
Global Business Strategy with E-Portfolio or Practicum