Governing Council

The Board of Directors, through the Governing Council, has oversight of the overall governance, management, and strategic direction of Acsenda School of Management (ASM). The Governing Council’s roles include, but are not limited to, oversight and monitoring of the identification, assessment and management of risk, regular monitoring of the financial performance of ASM, and delegating appropriate authority to the President or the Academic Council as follows:

  • The Governing Council has delegated authority for the implementation of policies, and for the development, approval and review of procedures, to the President, together with the power to further sub-delegate this authority to other officers of the Acsenda School of Management.
  • The Governing Council has delegated authority for the oversight of academic matters to the Academic Council through the Academic Council’s Terms of Reference.

The Governing Council consists of independent non-executive members, the Chair of the Academic Council and one or more members appointed by the Board of Directors.


Neil Mort (MA, MBA, EdD.)