Real Estate Management in Business Leadership

Real Estate Management


Real Estate Management Concentration

Real Estate Management (REM) is a niche major in business and management that prepares students for managing and leading change in organizations by designing, implementing, and managing corporate resources and business processes.

A BBA degree in REM at Acsenda is interdisciplinary. It aims to provide students with a balance of theoretical and practical courses in various areas, including general management, marketing, human resource management, accounting, international business, MIS, and financial management. The REM degree develops in-depth knowledge and skills in applying real estate and management principles to business issues. It constitutes varied theoretical and practical concepts that can support strategic decisions relating to financial management, corporate governance, sales, marketing, insurance, trade, engineering construction, business, marketing, and property management and drive high performance in organisations.

Real Estate Management Courses

5 Courses Required


Real Estate Management

REES331- Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal
Introduces the principles of real estate property appraisal theory and practice. It provides a first exposure to the steps and techniques of real property valuation and describes the importance of a highest and best use analysis in an appraisal. Prerequisite: BUSI 101, BADM 130, ENGL102 and ECON 121
Covers the legal implications that a real estate professional in Canada must consider each time a real estate transaction occurs. It uses BC cases to demonstrate the entire process of the real estate transaction from the initial purchase and sale contract to the registration and protection of legal interests, including mortgages. Prerequisite: BUSI 101, BADM 130 and BADM301

Introduces the real estate interdisciplinary development process and provides students with an overview of real estate development cycle from the project idea to the cursory feasibility and planning phases which involve research analysis, design, and evaluation. Prerequisite: REES 331 and REES 433

Is intended to build upon the basic principles of real estate management introduced in previous courses while placing a special emphasis on the principles and practices of commercial, industrial, and retail property management. Prerequisite: REES331
Intended to build upon the foundations of appraisal course taught at ASM. Students will be introduced to the theory and techniques in the analysis of income real estate investments and the appraisal process. Prerequisite: REES331