Financial Management

Finance is vital to the formation and orderly operation of just about any business.  Financial management helps an organization determine all facets of its business and is extremely influential in decision making.

Financial Management is a niche major in the business and management fields which prepares future graduates for various financial management roles to guide individuals, corporations, government agencies and other firms or organizations through financial struggles and uncertainty but also with short term and long term planning responsibilities such as organizing operations, managing cash flow, strategizing funding, outlining short term and long term goals, and sustaining business growth.

Acsenda students will complete a balance of theoretical and practical courses in a myriad of areas including general management, marketing, human resource management, accounting, international business, supply chain, and MIS to gain a deep understanding of the complex interrelationships among the world economies in terms of the flow of goods, services, and funds, the functions and operations of various departments within organizations, and the interactions among them in a globalized context.

Completion of the program requirement will prepare Acsenda students for the Certified Financial Planner and the Qualified Associate Financial Planner certification exams.

Human Resources Management Concentration

Financial Management Concentration Courses

5 Courses Required

Subject Course Title
FINC331 Investment Management
FINC332 International Finance
FINC402 Fixed Income Analysis
FINC432 Advanced Corporate Finance
FINC490 or
Financial Management Strategy or FINC Practicum