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Today, Acsenda offers two undergraduate programs: Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Hospitality Management.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program includes options for several concentrations, including

  1. Real Estate Management
  2. International Business Management
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Accounting,
  6. Financial Management
  7. Management Information Systems
  8. General Management 

The Bachelor of Hospitality Management program, integrates business courses with international internships in the hospitality industry to prepare graduates for successful careers in management.

Acsenda, unlike other institutions, incorporates certification processes into the learning curriculum. This means that Acsenda students will graduate with the necessary credentials and documentation to pursue the career of their dreams. 

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

The Acsenda BHM degree program integrates the principles and practices of business management with an in-depth application of the skills and knowledge of the global hospitality industry.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Acsenda BBA degree program is designed to prepare students fully for careers in today’s complex global organizations. The emphasis is on combining theory with practical applications.