Vision, Mission and Values


To be a leading centre for management education, enabling people to connect to professions and achieve life goals through innovative, learner-centred programs that nurture an international mindset, social responsibility and academic excellence.


We develop the potential in people to be globally minded, resilient, innovative, socially responsible leaders, and skilled in sectors to support our communities’ business and management needs.


Learner-Centred: We are student-focused, valuing our learners at all stages of life, and striving to provide an intellectually rewarding educational journey enriched with unique student experiences where students play an active role as participants and partners in the educational process.

Scholarly Excellence: We view learning as a lifelong process and one that is enriched through scholarly collaboration and research.

Academic Freedom: We promote and reinforce intellectual integrity, freedom of inquiry and expression, and the equality and dignity of all community members as the foundation of ethical conduct in teaching and learning, scholarship, and service.

Community Engagement and Partnerships: We collaborate with our community and industry partners to allow students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, to provide them with opportunities to connect with industry, and to boost their career readiness through various experiential learning settings.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility: We reflect on our diverse and welcoming community and its valuable members with an open mindset, commit to embedding equity in our everyday thinking and actions, and provide equal access to learning and career opportunities for all our community members.

Decolonization and Reconciliation: We foster a working and learning environment that promotes lasting and meaningful reconciliation through the principles of decolonization and indigenous awareness.

Sustainability: We recognize our individual and collective responsibility for our campus, communities, and planet. We advance knowledge about sustainability and climate change through teaching, scholarship, and service.

Creativity and Innovation: We value creativity and innovation, from the origins of ideas to applying knowledge to develop new initiatives. We implement teaching strategies to boost higher-order skills among our students and equip them with the skillset needed to develop creative and innovative solutions for their future organizations.

Accountability: We act with integrity and transparency and use evidence-based decision-making. We are responsible for our conduct and actions, globally and locally and deliver upon our respective and reciprocal commitments.