Acsenda Alumni Association

Acsenda Alumni Association is an efficacious platform for graduates, staff and faculty of the school, to establish and maintain contacts through professional, developmental, social or recreational networking events and activities.

There are many things that I have learned since I graduated.

The first being that the things I learned in school proved to be equally as important as the skills I’ve obtained in the real world. Managing resources and working well with others has served me well in my work life. 

Exchanging pleasantries and engaging in conversations with my coworkers, even those who are not in the department, is incredibly important to maintaining a strong work-life balance.

Lastly, I must espouse the importance of family and friends, especially on days we wish were better. One should always value love and acceptance from those we hold dear, because there will be days where you will need it.

Nanette Seneres

President, Alumni Association


Life Bond

To promote an engaged relationship between Acsenda School of Management and its community of alumni.


To encourage the organization of career-supportive activities amongst alumni members.


To provide Acsenda with feedback on matters relating to the Alumni Advisory Committee.

Industry relations

To build career connections between graduates and employers.


To spread awareness and continue to build powerful partnerships.

Exclusive Benefits: Career Coaching Program

How does the Career Coaching program work?

At each term, the career coaching program is available to Acsenda alumni. This is a 6-week, free-of-charge, customized program. The selected participants are required to actively involve with assigned mentors in each session throughout the program. The participants will have a preliminary coaching call to conduct an individual assessment with career specialists. After, the participants will be able to connect 3-4 times with a career specialist to discuss their progress and job search strategy. 

What are the types of support of the Career Coaching Program?

Some of the types of support that the career coaching program has been the following: 

  • Career advice
  • Resume support
  • Interviewing questions and roleplay
  • Reviewing job opportunities
  • Talking through real-world scenarios
  • Future career planning
  • Presentation preparation
  • Understanding the next steps in education, career and life
  • Learning their own why, and how it’s powerful
  • Personal branding & more

Please be advised that selected participants are required to be actively involved with assigned mentors in each session throughout the program.