Streamlining Operations through Information Management Systems

Management Information Systems

Technology is changing the business landscape faster than ever before.

The way that consumers identify and acquire products, goods and services has changed at an exceedingly fast pace. Similarly, there has never been a greater need to exploit the promise of technology for the development, production and distribution of those products, goods and services in order to meet customer needs.


Management Information Systems (MIS) is a niche major in the business and management fields which prepares students for managing and leading IT-enabled change in organizations by designing, implementing, managing corporate information resources and business processes.


A BBA degree in MIS at Acsenda is of an interdisciplinary nature that aims to bridge the gap between the field of information systems and various business disciplines including accounting, marketing, human resource management, general management and international business. The MIS degree develops in-depth hands-on knowledge and skills in the application of information systems to business issues and constitutes of varied theoretical as well as practical concepts that can be used to support business processes, operations, intelligence, and IT and to drive high performance in organizations.

Management Information Systems Concentration Courses

5 Courses Required


MIS331 - Technology Enabled Business Process Management
Technology Enabled Business Process Management is a course that develops the student’s basic understanding of the principles of technology-enhanced management with an emphasis on business processes. Students develop competencies in the use of appropriate methods, technological tools and techniques of process modeling, analysis, improvement, configuration, enactment, and redesign, to ensure organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and to deliver lean and customer focused business processes using Business Process Model Notation (BPMN).
MIS332 Systems Development Using Advanced Software Tools is designed to empower students with the knowledge and understanding of systems analysis, design, and implementation of computer systems with modern management software development tools. It introduces the students to Object-Oriented tools and frameworks including IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Android Studio, or MVC. It emphasizes the design of models for system designs, including architecture and user-system interaction and provides students with a strong foundation in database management and application of use-cases, Unified Modeling Language (UML), and various programming languages and Application Programming Interfaces (API) during the software development process.
MIS402 Advanced MIS for e-business is a course that explores the concepts, technology, and applications of electronic business (e-Business). Students will gain insights into the use of major technologies used to support e-business operations leading to efficiency and high performance. It provides students with the strategic management mindset to create a successful e business plan and to formulate e-strategies to gain a competitive edge in the market using advanced technology solutions. Students not only learn to design an efficient enterprise architecture for electronic communications and trading, but they also learn to evaluate various procurement methods, their benefits, and risks and to assess different options for integration of organizations’ information systems with e-procurement suppliers while managing suitable technologies to protect the various e-business operations through various controls and special defense mechanisms.
The course is designed to empower students with the knowledge and skill sets required to assume the overall responsibilities of administration and management of security of a company’s information system and networks. Topics include information-security risk management, security policies, laws related to information security and management of operational systems, security standards, security planning, ethical and legal issues in information, privacy, traceability, and cyber-evidence.
MIS490 Management Information Systems Strategy is a capstone in the MIS concentration. It builds on the conceptual knowledge and practical skills acquired in prior MIS courses and integrates various concepts associated with managing information systems (IS) as a function and other informational resources. The course addresses issues related to defining the high-level IS infrastructure and the systems that support the operational, administrative and strategic needs of the organization. The themes developed and cultivated in this course are intended to provide an enduring perspective that can help managers provide strategic information systems solutions in an increasingly globalized and technology intensive business environment.