How to apply for a co-op work permit

How to apply for a co-op work permit

The co-op is a program where students have the opportunity to work in an industry related to their area of study. There are co-ops that are paid or unpaid, however, any of the students will manage to get professional experience. Some study programs include a co-op or internships in their program outline. But there are a few requirements before you can apply to any co-op or intern work:

• Have a valid study permit

• The work is required to complete your study program

• Have a letter from your institution that verifies all students in the program need to complete the work placement to get their diploma or degree

• The co-op amounts to 50% or less of your study program

In some cases, students that are taking English or French as a second language, general interest courses, and courses to prepare for another study program are not eligible to apply for a co-op or internship.

If you already have your valid study permit and want to apply from your co-op work permit online from inside of Canada:

1. Verify you have what you need to start the application

If you are going to apply online, you will need:

  • Camera or scanner to upload your documents in a digital form
  • Credit or debit card to pay the fees

2. Check your eligibility to see if you meet the requirements

If you complete the questionnaire, at the end it will specify that you are eligible to work in Canada as a co-op student. After selecting the option of ‘Work as an intern or co-op student’ you will need to complete the last questions of the questionnaire.

If you want to check your eligibility, click on the link attached.

3. Check your document checklist

After completing all the previous points, the website will prompt you to a document checklist which you need to upload individually and after submitting your application.

If you need any help, check the instruction guide for applying for a co-op work permit.

4. Upload all the documents required

You will most certainly have a form to complete called ‘Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada As a Worker (IMM5710)’, which asks you to input various type of personal information, check that everything is accurate before uploading it.

Also, it most probably will request your passport, co-op letter, picture of yourself, medical exam, etc., depending on the situation where the person is in.

5. Pay the fees

In case there are any fees, remember to pay them. However, the co-op work permit is free.