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Our dedicated team is here to guide and support you through your academic journey. Whether you’re a new student exploring your options or a continuing student seeking guidance, our advisors are committed to helping you navigate your educational path.

From course selection and program planning to addressing academic challenges and exploring career opportunities, we’re here to provide comprehensive support and resources.

When should I see an academic advisor?

Preparing for Academic Advising:

Meet your Academic Advisor

Abby Garcia

“I enjoy constantly learning new things, and I am passionate about helping others achieve progress in learning as well. After receiving my master’s degree in education, I have been working in the field of Education for years.

Having been an international student myself, I hope to help more students achieve the best experience in studying and living in Canada like I have. My advice to our students is take advantage of the resources that the school has to offer, and do not be afraid to reach out for help!”

Academic Advising FAQs

How do I know whether to drop a course or not? What is the deadline?

If you think there is a good chance this particular course will compromise your GPA and you are unsure whether you can ensure your grade by the end of the term, you may consider dropping the course. Before dropping the course, find out if it is a prerequisite for a required course and make sure you can retake it in a future term so that it will not delay the completion of your degree. Before making a decision, you are welcome to consult the Academic Advisor.

Can I change my concentration?

Yes you can! But changes become more difficult as you go further into a program you are, and the concentrations can be vastly different. If you are concerned about changing your program, be sure to speak to your instructors, associate directors, and your academic advisor.

I want to increase my GPA, can an Academic Advisor help me with that?

Your Academic Advisor is here to help you achieve your academic goals. The academic advisor can help you build study skills, help you navigate your program, overcome academic challenges and help plan your academic future. To help improve you grades and increase your GPA, your academic advisor will review your current plan and provide you with resources to succeed. Consult your academic advisor and explore how you can work together to improve your grades.

Besides academics, what else is my Academic Advisor able to help me with?

Aside from academics-related affairs, your academic advisor is also a part of the Student Services Team that is ready offer assistance to solve any problems you may encounter, including mental health related questions and everyday life matters. Any information you shared with your academic advisor will be kept confidential.