Acsenda School of Management joins the Business Graduates Association (BGA)

Acsenda School of Management is proud to announce that it is officially a member of the Business Graduates Association (BGA).

The Business Graduates Association (BGA) is an organization that supports the advancement of business education across the world, helping business schools, business students and alumni, and employers; so they can nurture ethical best practices in business thought and action.

What are some of the benefits that the BGA offers to students?

By joining, our students will now have access to:

  • A free BGA membership account, which is home to a wide range of career-enhancing services. Includes access to an international and professionally diverse community of business students and graduates from BGA Business Schools.
  • Free webinars, seminars and networking events are held around the world.
  • Access the Career Development Centre (CDC) – an online portal with a wealth of resources including CV, cover letter and elevator pitch builders, employer viewpoints, a self-employment module, access to an exclusive careers app and more.
  • Desktop Review – a comprehensive consultative service.
  • Preferential rates and discounts on award-winning events.
  • Thought-leadership content through the Research and Insight Centre and Business Impact magazine.

To create a free student membership account, click here.

Certainly, Acsenda School of Management looks forward to leveraging the events and tools made available by the Business Graduates Association (BGA), ensuring that our students have access to the information and networking opportunities they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment.

What is the Business Graduates Association (BGA)?

The BGA is a worldwide membership and quality assurance organization composed of many world-leading business schools. Moreover, all the institutions are committed to ethical business practices and provide a beneficial influence on their students and society.

BGA has a network of more than 200 business schools around the globe. In addition, the impact that the BGA membership offers is amazing for any institution that wants to continue on a sustainable educative path. Besides, they host in-person and online events, and workshops and publish amazing articles for students and graduates to learn more about different topics and areas in the business industry.

Also, if you want more information, please visit the Business Graduates Association (BGA) website.