Why Choose Acsenda?

1- International Focus

Like you, students at Acsenda School of Management have a purpose in mind. They have chosen a career in business and they want a school that is focused on preparing them for that career path.

Acsenda offers an international focus that allows students to not only feel like they are part of a strong community – but truly BE a part, helping them to learn, grow, and cultivate knowledge and relationships in a safe and interactive environment.

Acsenda offers you an option to concentrate on a specialized area of business, to gain work experience, and to earn credit toward a professional designation as you earn a degree.

2- Small Classes Close Community

Small classes, individual attention and a community that cares plus continuous intake and a connected, global classroom make Acsenda a preferred choice.

3-Start and Study Year-Round

At Acsenda, you may begin your studies in October, January, April or July. You may take courses year-round or take a break in a season that suits your needs. With our semester system, it is possible to complete a four-year degree in 2.5 to 3 years.

4-Think and Act Globally

You will study with students from all over the world. Our faculty bring a variety of cultural and business experiences to the classroom. You will know how the global economy works, how to create conduct business in the global marketplace, and how to work with teams in a diverse workforce.

5- Experience Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is an exciting place to study business. As major port city, Vancouver is a gateaway to the Asia Pacific and the Americas. International commerce and trade, the resource sector, tourism, and high technology- including software development adn biotechnology- are key to the economy. Known as “Hollywood North” the city is a major producer of movies and television productions. Vancouver’s spectacular scenary and access to outdoor adventure along with its multi-ethnic character make it one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world. 

Ready to take the next step?

Your academic journey starts here. Let’s embrace your future together.