Academic Council

The Academic Council has delegated authority from the Board of Directors, through the Governing Council, to exercise academic oversight and quality assurance of Acsenda’s academic policy-making and academic administration and can form standing committees and working parties to assist in the monitoring of academic delivery and course development as it sees fit.

The Academic Council retains autonomy, independence, and ultimate responsibility regarding academic programs and policies, for the maintenance of academic standards and quality, and compliance with all obligations under the Degree Authorization Act of the Province of British Columbia and requirements of the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training and the Degree Quality Assessment Board, including the obligations set forth in the Guidelines.

The membership of the Academic Council includes the President (Chair), Vice President Academic (Vice-Chair), faculty, student, alumni, and administrative representatives, reflecting its academic leadership role and its responsibility for developing and enhancing teaching and learning at Acsenda.

Academic Governance

Dr. Neil Mort
(Ed.D., MBA, MA, BA)


Dr. Chehra Aboukinane

Ray Rahimi
(MEd, cELTA)

 VP Academic (Acting) 

Dr. Zhila Pirmoradi
(Ph.D., P. Eng., PMP, CSSBB)

Faculty Member

 Pomponia Martinez
(MAM, CPHR, B.Sc.)

Faculty Member

 Fuat Ramazanov

Faculty Member

 Tom Chan
(MSSc., BA)

Faculty Member

 Nirmal Vasanth
(M.Sc., M.Ed.)

Faculty Member

 Zlata Evdokimova
(AA, AB)

Student Member

 Elizabeth Tze

Alumnus Member

 Garnet Klatt

Internal Ex-Officio

 Danila Piasco

Staff Member