To steer any business towards success,
you must first understand the business inside out.

General Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration program is a four-year undergraduate degree that allows you to select a concentration that suits your interests and career goals. As a graduate of this degree, you will be able to gain advanced standing toward appropriate professional designations.

The General Business Management concentration is available to those students who are pursuing a broader perspective of the business world, without focusing specifically on any one area of administration. While these students will not develop an in-depth understanding of one of the four areas of concentration, they are expected to have an acceptable understanding of Marketing, Human Resources Management and International Business Management. The General Business Management Concentration consists of the standard lower-level and upper-level course requirements.
It also requires students to complete no less than two courses from Marketing, Human Resources Management and International Business Management.

The General Business Management concentration allows students to work in a diverse industry of versatile management careers. Companies are constantly looking for graduates with integrative skills to be prepared for the challenging tasks of conducting business in different areas of the industry.

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General Business Management Concentration Courses


A Minimum of 6 Courses Required:

2 courses from BHRM concentration courses; and
4 courses from any other concentration (BIBM, BMRK, MIS, ACCT, FM, or REM)
but no more than 2 from each of the 6 concentrations.


Choose two of the following BHRM Concentration Courses:

SubjectCourse Title
BHRM331Strategic Planning for Human Resources 
BHRM332Recruitment and Selection 
BHRM403Employee Relations, Workplace Safety and Wellness 
BHRM432Compensation Management 
BHRM434IDEA, Culture and Global Human Resources Management 

Choose up to two of the following BMRK Concentration courses:

SubjectCourse Title
BMRK302Social Media and Digital Marketing 
BMRK431Marketing Communications 
BMRK433International Marketing Management 
BMRK434Effective Selling and Sales Management 

Choose up to two of the following BIBM Concentration Courses:

SubjectCourse Title
BIBM331International Trade Management 
BIBM332International Finance 
BIBM432Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics 

Choose up to two of the following ACCT Concentration Courses:

SubjectCourse Title
ACCT311Financial Accounting II 
ACCT301Managerial Accounting II 
FINC311Financial Management II 
ACCT331Intermediate Financial Accounting I: Assets 
ACCT332Int. Financial Accounting II: Liabilities and Equity 
ACCT431Advanced Financial Accounting 
ACCT432Advanced Managerial Accounting 
ACCT433External Auditing I 
ACCT435Accounting Theory and Practice 

Choose up to two of the following FM Concentration Courses:

SubjectCourse Title
BIBM332International Finance
FINC331Investment Management 
FINC402Fixed Income Analysis 
FINC432Corporate Finance 

Choose up to two of the following MIS Concentration Courses:

SubjectCourse Title
MIS331Technology Enabled Business Process Management 
MIS332Systems Development Using Advanced Software Tools  
MIS402Advanced MIS for e business 
MIS432Information System Security Management 

Choose up to two of the following REM Concentration Courses:

SubjectCourse Title
REES331Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal 
REES332Canadian Real Estate Law and Ethics 
REES402Real Estate Development and Management 
REES431Commercial Real Estate Property Management 
REES433Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal