Marketing has always been an interesting field of specialization as the demand for graduates in this field continues to dominate job postings. Students specializing in the marketing concentration could expect to find work opportunities in the areas of: brand manager, marketing manager, sales manager, advertising agency client services, sales, franchising, entrepreneurial ventures launching new products or services, public relations manager, social media specialist, TV/radio/print/outdoor media representative and marketing research. Career options in this exciting field of marketing include jobs in Advertising and Public Relations, Market Research, Product and Brand Management, Retailing, and in the non-profit sector including jobs in the arts, government, religious organizations, public health and museums.

The Acsenda BBA in Marketing integrates real business examples into learning. Students can therefore expect to be introduced to business leaders in the marketing field through guest lectures and class visits to local businesses. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of skills learned through case analysis, individual and team work as well as oral and written presentations, to ensure students are career ready.

Marketing Management Concentration Courses

5 Courses Required

Subject Course Title
BMRK302 Social Media and Digital Marketing
BMRK431 Marketing Communication
BMRK433 International Marketing Management
BMRK434 Effective Selling and Sales Management
BMRK490 Marketing Management and Strategy
BMRK491 Marketing Practicum