Refunds in Cases of Withdrawal or Dismissal

A student who registers and fails to attend classes in the first week of a term may, at the Director or Registrar’s discretion, have the student’s seat in that course given to another student, regardless of prior permission to register. If the student is unable to attend in the first week of a course but plans to complete the term, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor and the Registrar’s Office, in advance for permission. If a student has not attended classes by the second week of the term, even with notification/contact with the school, the student will be removed from the course.

All students are expected to attend all class meetings of the courses in which they are registered; excessive absences may be considered sufficient cause for the school to de-register the student from the course. Attendance is closely monitored and excess absences for the term will result in dismissal from the term. More information about the attendance policy is listed under Attendance in the following section, Academic Regulations.

Students who, after registering, find it necessary or desirable to drop or withdraw from courses, or withdraw entirely from

Acsenda may receive a refund based on the Refund Policy (#3011).

Tuition Refund Policy

(Effective  August 15, 2023) 

The following refund policy applies to the terms of an enrolment contract. Enrolment contracts are signed every term by the student during the registration period. For more detailed information, please refer to the Refund Policy (#3011) which can be found on our website: Click Here

Refund Policies for International Students

Refund Policies for Domestic Students

Additional information for both INTERNATIONAL and DOMESTIC Students

A student’s decision to withdraw from a course or from the program may have implications for future educational plans and on the amount that the student could claim as refund. Prior to formal withdrawal, students are encouraged to discuss their withdrawal plans with the Registrar.

If a student leaves a program or stops attending a course without written notification to the Registrar’s Office, the student will not be eligible for a refund, and the student is responsible for the outstanding fees.

Where the School provides technical equipment or library material to a student, without cost to the student, and the student withdraws or is dismissed, the school may charge the student for the equipment, use of the equipment or library material on a cost recovery basis, unless the student returns the equipment unopened or as issued within fourteen (14) calendar days.

Refunds for students or applicants who are paid by credit card are subject to an administrative fee of 2% of the total amount paid.

Where a student is deemed not to have met the institutional and/or program specific minimum requirements for admission, the institution must refund all fees paid under the Contract, less the applicable non-refundable application fee and an administrative fee.

Refunds owing to students will be issued by wire or electronic transfer (EFT) within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt, by the Registrar’s Office, of the written notification of withdrawal and all required supporting documentation, or within thirty (30) calendar days of the Registrar’s Office written notice of dismissal.