Human Resources Management

The right people make a difference. Therefore, no other company asset compares to human capital, the lifeblood of any business organization.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program is a four-year undergraduate degree that allows you to select a concentration that suits your interests and career goals. As a graduate of this degree, you will be able to gain advanced standing towards appropriate professional designations.

Recognizing the critical role of Human Resource Managers in the success of any business, the graduates of Human Resources Management (HRM) concentrations continue to be in great demand. The field of human resources management offers a rich set of potential career options including Recruiting and Placement jobs such as recruiters, interviewers, head hunters, test administrators, and employment managers. Besides, HRM graduates may land jobs in Development and Training where they perform functions as counsellors, career planners, training specialists, technical recruitment specialists or orientation specialists.

As the ability to satisfy and keep valued employees becomes challenging, more and more companies are now hiring for Compensation Specialists, Benefits Specialists, and Health, Safety, and Security Specialists. In addition, the existence of strong labour unions also gives HRM graduates the career option of becoming Employee and Labor Relations Supervisors.

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Human Resources Management Concentration
Human Resources Management Concentration

The Acsenda School of Management BBA in Human Resources Management program supports the learning requirements of the Canadian Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation in areas relating to HR planning and staffing, recruitment and selection, employee training and development, compensation management, employee and labour relations, health and safety and organizational development and change. Also, for more information please visit

Human Resources Management Concentration Courses

6 Courses Required

Subject Course Title
BHRM331 Strategic Planning for Human Resources
BHRM332 Recruitment and Selection
BHRM401 Quality Management & Organizational Excellence
BHRM403 Employee Relations, Workplace Safety and Wellness
BHRM432 Compensation Management
BHRM490 or
HR Management Strategies and Workforce Development Practices with
E-Portfolio or Practicum