Student Life

Our active student life is an integral part of of our campus environment.


Acsenda Alumni Association is a global network of professionals actively supporting each other.

Job Outcomes

Nearly 95% of our students said that their management degree has prepared them for their preferred job or career path, and 92% expressed that their management degree was a good investment.

Living in Vancouver, Canada Welcome to Vancouver, Canada – one of the most livable cities in the world. Known for its beautiful surroundings, modern infrastructure and multicultural community, it’s no surprise that Vancouver is an incredibly popular study destination for students from all over the world. 2.5M 6 41% 1 Vancouver's
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British Columbia is the top-performing Canadian province in education & skills

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Get Started Bachelor of Business Administration Get Started Bachelor of Hospitality Management The Acsenda BHM degree program integrates the principles and practices of business management with an in-depth application of the skills and knowledge of the global hospitality industry. The Acsenda BBA degree program is designed to prepare students fully for careers in today’s complex global organizations. The emphasis is on combining theory with practical applications.

Events and Activities At Acsenda, to foster a lively, satisfying learning process, we are constantly organizing events and activities for our students. Whether it be tours, karaoke nights, talent contests, bowling games, conferences or networking opportunities, we believe in promoting an engaging academic environment that enables students to cultivate lifelong connections. FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE