Acsenda student has won a one-year scholarship from Lofi Girl

The Acsenda student Chi Hoang Nguyen Quynh has won a one-year scholarship for 2023 from the Lofi Girl Youtube channel. The student Chi Hoang is currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management at Acsenda School of Management.

Lofi Girl did a giveaway with 10 one-year scholarships to celebrate reaching 10 million subscribers at the end of February. The channel focuses on videos and live streams of ”lofi beats to relax/study to” has reached a milestone on Youtube and wanted to show appreciation and give back to its subscribers for their support.

What are the scholarship and giveaways from Lofi Girl about?

The scholarship is aimed to pay for one year’s worth of tuition fees at any post-secondary institution that the winner chooses. The contest was open to students worldwide, even if they were studying, are still studying or are planning to start their studies. The meaning behind the giveaway was to benefit students, Lofi Girl described it as ”I’ve been thinking of different ways to make the final giveaway as special as possible, and I want to dedicate the special prize to the group of people who are the main reason behind this channel’s success: students.”

She also said ”Just like me, you have worked and continue to work hard to finish countless assignments, achieve high grades and get into your dream colleges/universities, and your efforts are inspiring to say the least. I want to thank you for doing what you do, and for also letting me be a part of your journey.”

Acsenda student wons one-year scholarship from Lofi Girl

The giveaway was closed on March 14 and Lofi Girl announced the winners of the giveaway with a video showing the animated girl opening an envelope that contained their names.

How was it for Acsenda student Chi Hoang to win the scholarship?

Chi Hoang was really excited about this special accomplishment and commented ”This scholarship will help me achieve my education by lowering the costs of college and the number of hours I’ll need to work throughout my studies. Therefore, I’ll be able to continue with my academic achievements.”

Acsenda is very proud of the student’s efforts and commitment to their program of studies and wants to give its sincere congratulations to Chi Hoang Nguyen Quynh. Also, Acsenda is eager to continue seeing growth in students in their personal life, their study programs, careers and jobs.

What is the Lofi Girl channel about?

The channel started with the name ‘ChilledCow’ and in March 2021 changed to ‘Lofi Girl’. The channel provides live streams and videos of lo-fi hip hop music 24/7, supported by an animated girl studying or relaxing. Lofi Girl aims to help students to focus on their studies or relax during their time off.

The videos went viral and it started to increase their popularity and viewership. It has been a very successful channel reaching over 10 million subscribers in February 2022 and having over 7 million likes.

Besides, if you want more information about the scholarships that Acsenda offers, please go to the Scholarships and Entrance Awards section. Also, if you want to know more about the Lofi Girl Youtube channel, please click the link attached.