BDC Vanier Case Challenge 2017 In the Team’s Own Words


ASM's 2017 Vanier Case Challenge Team: left to right Fernando Priore de Almedia, Vidya Sager and Laurie Jane Salve.
ASM’s 2017 Vanier Case Challenge Team: left to right Fernando Priore de Almedia, Vidya Sager and Laurie Jane Salve.

Fernando Priore de Almeida
First, I would like to thank Acsenda for this great opportunity. It was a very enriching experience where I could learn more about Canadian culture, and interact with students from schools across Canada. Moreover, Quebec is an awesome place, with this European influence that was evident in the cuisine, architecture and people’s behaviour. I also tried ice-skating and experienced REAL freezing weather, which was really fun for me. It was a pleasure to be part of this team. I’d like to thank Mary, who invited me for this opportunity. Vidya and Laurie were excellent team players and I feel we worked hard and did our best. The competition played an important role in our future success.

Vidya Sager
Representing the school with my teammates at BDC Vanier Case Challenge 2017 was one exciting experience during my study in Acsenda. Being part of the competition helped broaden my horizon by having the chance to get to know other business students around Canada, and sightseeing in Montreal gave me a taste of this ancient historic city through its food and buildings. During the competition, we had the chance to listen to other teams’ presentations. The different points of view on the case and their presentation styles amazed me and became the drive and desire for me to learn more about marketing and other business-related knowledge. The best part of this experience was having Laurie and Fernando as my teammates and Mary as our coach. I’d like to thank them for being supportive from the preparation to the day of the competition. With the limited preparation time, I think we all did a great job by pushing ourselves beyond our limits as well as being calm and confident while working with an unfamiliar topic. I am really thankful for having this opportunity to be part of the competition. Thank You.

Laurie Jane Salve 
As a marketing student from the Philippines. I am very thankful for the opportunity that ASM gave me to represent our school in the Vanier BDC case challenge. Being an international student, I was not really expecting to be part of this kind of event but our instructor, Mary Charleson and the utmost support of our school made it happen. It was really great exposure for myself and my teammates, Fernando and Vidya to the real marketing world. It gave us a bigger picture of what awaits for us in the industry. Also being able to experience the City of Montreal, the outdoor skating rinks and the food was a great added bonus during the trip. It was an overall great experience with a mixture of academics and leisure.

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