Acsenda hosts Rotaract Club of Vancouver

Acsenda School of Management hosted the Rotaract Drop-In Session by the Rotary Club of Vancouver on Wednesday, November 16th. The session was led by the Rotaract Club of Vancouver Yaletown President Jane LePorte and President of Acsenda Dr. Neil Mort, featuring guest speaker Ron Suzuki.

The session had an attendance of 25 students and included a free pizza lunch. Students had a chance to learn all about the amazing work that the Rotaract Club of Vancouver does in the community, including opportunities to gain valuable volunteer experience and connections as part of Rotaract.

What is the Rotary Club of Vancouver?

The Rotaract Club of Vancouver is an organization of businesses and experienced personnel who help to provide humanitarian service, promoting kindness and goodwill in order to create peace in the world. The Rotaract Club gives an opportunity to do something on significant problems that have an impact on our communities, our country and the world and people can cooperate just from the comfort of their own homes.

Some examples of the causes that the Rotaract Club dedicates its time to are: fighting diseases,  providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene, saving mothers and children, supporting education, growing local economies, protecting the environment and promoting world peace.

Acsenda collaborated with Rotatory Club of Vancouver

If you want more information about the Rotaract Club of Vancouver Yaletown, their fundraisers, meetings and stories please go to the Rotaract Club website. Also, if you are interested in joining the Rotaract Club, please email Maria Stevens at

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