Acsenda students visit Loblaws Distribution Center

International Business Management (IBM) Acsenda students visited Loblaws Distribution Center in Pitt Meadows. International Business Management Program Director, Fuat Ramazanov, took some of his supply chain management students on a facility tour of Loblaws Distribution Center organized by the Canadian Materials Handling & Distribution Society.

How was the tour?

During the tour, students learned how various products are handled, stored in the warehouse and delivered to retailers.

“As an international business management student, I have access to training and field trips that help me understand international trade and supply chain in extensive ways. These experiences have enriched my knowledge of on-site operations in different types of warehouses, broadening my horizons in the supply chain industry,” said Mariana de la Torre, a second-year BBA student.

It was an excellent experience for our students to see how Loblaw’s team makes everything move in and out smoothly in the Lower Mainland and beyond!

Acsenda students visit Loblaws Distribution Center

What are Loblaws and what do they do?

Loblaws is a Canadian retail company serving since 1919 and has corporate and franchise supermarkets. They operate under 22 regional and market segment banners, pharmacies, banking, and apparel. It is one of the largest Canadian retailers in the country, and its brands include President’s Choice, No Name, and Joe Fresh.

They sell everything from groceries, medications, household products, phones, general items, and financial services. They have over 2,400 stores in Canada and have 190,000 Canadians employed in full-time and part-time positions.

Loblaws also has more than 18 million PC Optimum members and 3 million PC Financial Master Cardholders. Besides they are one of Canada’s top 100 employers. Their goal is to be the best in the industry and make food affordable; beauty and wellness accessible; saving for the future possible, and essential style achievable. Additionally, they are collaborating with 4,000 vendors and 27 distribution centers across Canada.

Also, if you want to learn more about the Loblaws Companies, please visit their website.

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