Acsenda featured in BGA’s ‘Business Impact’ magazine

Acsenda School of Management was featured in Business Graduates Association (BGA) Business Impact Magazine’s May – July 2022 edition. The magazine looks at how partnered business schools are attempting to make optimistic and beneficial contributions to society.

What was featured in the BGA’s magazine?

Acsenda’s very own President Dr. Neil Mort was featured in the article, answering an important question on how Acsenda School of Management is addressing the environmental impact.

‘For the past two terms, in conjunction with Drawdown BC, we have offered a joint micro-credential in environmental awareness, sustainability, and climate action. This is a 5-session program that seeks to provide meaningful opportunities for students to increase awareness regarding climate change, connect with their communities and develop initiatives that help to bring positive change’, he said.

Acsenda’s new program has sought to educate students on how they can help the environment and reduce CO2 to prevent worsening climate change. In the program, students have to create their own proposal of what they can do to help fight environmental change in a business management context.

Acsenda featured on the BGA's magazine
Cover of Business Impact magazine May – July 2022

If you want to read the full feature, visit Business Impact Magazine on the BGA website.

What is the environmental program that Acsenda offers to students?

The program is offered by Acsenda in conjunction with Drawdown BC, an organization motivated by a vision to reverse global warming by assuring a sustainable and eco-friendly planet. The climate action certificate is a micro-credential in environmental awareness that aims to introduce students to the development of initiatives that are capable of creating social change, sustainability, and climate action.

The program includes five interactive sessions which will be accompanied by assignments and a final group or individual project. The first four sessions will be 1.5 hours, and the final session which will be for project presentations will be two hours. All sessions will be delivered online through Zoom.

What is the Business Graduates Association (BGA)?

The Business Graduates Association is a worldwide membership and quality assurance organization composed of many world-leading business schools. All the institutions are committed to ethical business practices and promoting positive impacts on the world.

BGA has a network of more than 200 business schools around the globe. The impact that BGA membership offers is amazing for any institution that wants to go for a sustainable educative path. They also host in-person and online events, workshops, and publish amazing articles for students and graduates to learn more about different areas in the business industry.

Acsenda School of Management joins the Business Graduates Association (BGA)

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