Acsenda welcomes Ukrainian students to campus

When the Ukrainian invasion happened, Acsenda reached out to American Concordia University Ukraine, located in Kyiv, and offered to help. To cope with this sudden disruption to their teachings, Acsenda agreed to accept students, so that they could continue to progress towards completion of their degree programs.

Since early April, 48 Ukrainian students have enrolled in courses at Acsenda School of Management.

Some students enrolled in already ongoing courses but most, due to the size of enrolments, were designated their own classes.

Acsenda School of Management, with the support of EduCo, agreed to cover their tuition expenses.

American Concordia University Ukraine

What are Ukrainian students’ thoughts about their experience with Acsenda?

Some Ukrainian students decided to tell Acsenda a little about their experience and thoughts about the classes and the institution. One of the Ukrainian students, who requested to remain anonymous, said: ”Overall, I am satisfied, like it’s been over the top, personally… we [recently] studied screening, and next is interviewing, everything is clear and understandable. And all the materials are relevant and based on practices.”

The students mentioned they enjoyed the different teaching styles of their professors, specifically the way that they are able to teach at such a high level but in their own unique ways. They mentioned that Canadian instructors tend to talk more openly about relevant issues and provide examples that help make the topics clearer.

What do Ukrainian students think about Acsenda’s learning approach?

One of the Ukrainian students mentioned that they enjoyed that the learning is “peer-based”. “There’s a lot of communication between students and teachers because even in Ukraine, sometimes there is not much communication with the professor, they just read the lecture, they finish the class and then you just answer questions based on what they asked so everything is basically prepared or something. Here there is more communication, we are discussing something and we are answering, you know, we are doing critical thinking all around.”

They said that Acsenda faculty provide examples, often from personal experiences, which makes it easier for students to comprehend concepts. They mentioned that Acsenda’s instructors encourage students to participate, which helps them learn and understand the class even more.

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