Climate Action Certificate


Together, change is possible.
You can be a part of it.

The Climate Action Certificate is
a microcredential in environmental awareness,
introducing students to the development initiatives
that are truly capable of creating societal change.

Interested in acquiring a certification in climate change solutions?

Acsenda School of Management, in conjunction with Drawdown BC, offer a joint microcredential in environmental awareness, sustainability and climate action.

The goals of this project are to provide meaningful opportunities for Acsenda students to increase awareness regarding climate change, connect with their communities and develop initiatives that help to bring positive change.

The program will include five interactive sessions which will be accompanied by assignments and a final group or individual project. The first four sessions will be 1.5 hours, and the final session which will be for project presentations will be two hours. All sessions will be delivered online through Zoom.

Program Dates:


You will be attending a facilitated interactive workshop series, exploring Project Drawdown climate change solutions in more depth, and supporting participants in identifying, supporting, and initiating climate change solutions at the household, community, and policy levels. Fill out the form below to register:

Reminder: This form is only for non-Acsenda students. If you are an Acsenda student looking to participate, access the Workshops section in your MyASM.