Why Acsenda is a great fit for International Students?

Acsenda has many benefits for international students, from financial support to recreational activities. It provides great services that students should know beforehand and take advantage of when the opportunity comes. There are many aspects that a student is looking for when deciding the institution they want to study in; therefore is important that Acsenda covers and has services available for every type of student needs.

Some of the services in the different areas that Acsenda covers and supports students in are:

  • Financially

Acsenda offers scholarships and grants as financial aid for academic excellence, covid-19 testing hotel quarantine grant, laptop and tools support airport transportation grant, and financial support depending on what the student requests. Also, there are monetary incentives through contests, surveys, and other events such as gift cards or coupons from different types of brands.

  • Academically

Acsenda provides great tools for the development of assignments and projects through the online portal. Teachers contribute by adding study guides, exam reviews, videos, forum discussions, case studies, etc. This helps students prepare for any tasks they might have for class. Also, teachers have appointments out of office hours so students can communicate with them in case of a question. Additionally, Acsenda provides tutoring services where students can get their own tutor for a specific course for their study term

  • Recreationally

Acsenda offers webinars, conferences, and workshops with a wide variety of topics and presenters. It has English learning circles for students that are interested in expanding their knowledge of English. They do it through conversations and discussions in a safe environment.

There are student clubs for each concentration such as Accounting Club, Marketing Club, Human Resources Club, Hospitality Management Club, and International Business Club that allow students to be part of a group where they can learn more about their concentration and at the same time enjoy the different perks that each club offers like online and in-person events, special meetings, networking, Vancouver certificate programs, etc.

  • In health and mental aspects

Acsenda offers two types of medical insurance (Medical Services Plan & GuardMe) which students can choose from after arriving in Canada, according to their convenience and needs. Also, Acsenda has a partnership with KeepMeSafe which is a service that works through an app (MySSP) that provides students free counselling support via chat or phone 24/7 with experienced professionals.

  • Other services and tools

Acsenda offers other services such as (MyASM) which is the student’s online portal where students can find all the information needed regarding courses, financial statements, request forms, academic calendar, student and enrollment services, etc. Other services students can have access to is the Ombudsperson which helps resolve concerns, complaints, or conflicts with Acsenda to reach fair and impartial agreements.

Ultimately, Acsenda provides a great range of tools and services in all the important areas for the well-being of students. They help resolve their problems and achieve their overall objectives throughout the entire academic program. For that reason, Acsenda constantly adapts itself to students’ needs to provide the best institutional service in every area.



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