Benefits of starting your studies online

There are many reasons why it is convenient to start your studies online. For instance, it can offer flexibility, time, a variety of courses and easy access to study materials. There are great benefits that Acsenda offers. Particularly for students interested in starting online or that cannot travel to Canada due to the pandemic and other reasons.

  • Eligibility for Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP)

The Canadian Government has allowed international students that are outside of Canada to count time spent studying online towards the length of the PGWP until August 31, 2022. The PGWPP is a program that allows students who have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution to obtain beneficial work experience. It also helps students to continue to stay in Canada and work full-time after ending their program (degree or diploma) of at least 8 months. The post-graduation work permit has a duration of up to 3 years depending on the length of the program that the student completed in Canada.

  • Accessibility to the JobsConnect Portal

The JobsConnect Portal is a digital platform designed to help Acsenda students connect with part-time and full-time jobs provided by industry partners. This platform helps employers as well to find reliable workers for their businesses. Students can have the opportunity to communicate with employers from different industries and companies depending on their academic program while studying online. It also helps students line up jobs in Canada prior to arrival.

  • Lower costs

Studying online can bring a lot of benefits and it can help students a lot to save more money. For instance, things such as study materials, application fees, commuting costs, outside food or daily meals. Online studying is more convenient and cost-efficient than in-person classes, however, both of them have their own pros and cons. Keep in mind that other costs can continue being the same without getting cheaper. For instance, housing, tuition in some cases, and transportation depending on the flexibility of the work.

  • Flexible schedule

Acsenda allows students to build their own schedules. With up to 5 courses per term which give a lot more flexibility; particularly for students that are studying and working at the same time. If you need more information please read the article ‘Top five benefits of attending college in Vancouver‘. Also, if you need more help with studying online in Acsenda, please contact us.

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