Top Five Benefits of Attending College in Vancouver

Attending college or university in Vancouver has great benefits, it is an adventurous experience and provides endless opportunities for those in pursuit of a fulfilling professional career. Vancouver is a modern city, with a multicultural community, diverse seasons and beautiful surroundings. Here are the Top Five Benefits of attending college in Vancouver:


1. Public transportation

Vancouver has a fantastic public transportation system managed by Translink, including bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus services for daily use that are very convenient and efficient. It has a simple payment method to use, which is with a registered Compass Card that you can tap at the beginning of the ride and go to any place in the city, or you can pay using other methods, such as compass tickets or day passes which can be used for specific amounts of time. Furthermore, the transportation system has day and night schedules and has different prices that vary depending on the person and the zones of travelling within the city. This makes it very easy for students to get to school, with many options to choose from depending on preference.

2. More affordable than the US

Vancouver is by no means a cheap city to study, however, it is not nearly as expensive as the U.S. and it has an incredibly high-quality education, too! In addition, many places provide student discounts, like coffee shops, museums, art galleries, fun attractions, etc.

In Vancouver, prices and study schedules can vary depending on the type of academic program (Degree, Diploma, Certificate, etc.). A Bachelor’s is the most common program to study (approximately 4 years),  nonetheless, if a student is looking for more affordable options, they can choose to pursue a diploma that is shorter (approximately 2 years) or a certificate (approximately 6 months).

3. Universal Healthcare

One of the greatest advantages that international students have in Vancouver is access to universal health care. All international students within the province of British Columbia are eligible to apply to the healthcare insurance called Medical Services Plan (MSP).

This means that international students are able to obtain universal healthcare coverage for a monthly fee of $75 CAD dollars. This is a great benefit because students do not need to stress about paying extra fees or expensive medical bills. For more information regarding MSP and medical insurances, please visit the Health & Medical Insurance section on our website.

4. Transferability

Transferability is a great benefit for many students, it gives them the opportunity to transfer credits from another post-secondary institution.

For example, Acsenda allows credit transfers from many other schools in British Columbia. This means students are able to move around other post-secondary institutions more effectively. Additionally, transferability makes schooling more affordable by decreasing the length of the program, and it allows you to potentially take courses from home if needed. For more information regarding transferability, please visit the Transfer Credit section on the Acsenda website.

5. Use your education abroad

Vancouver is recognized for providing world-class education. With degrees, diplomas or certificates recognized by post-secondary institutions all over the world. A Canadian education can bring many opportunities to students, offering growth of skills, modern technological methods and digital resources. Also, studying in Vancouver provides many advantages for international students, including stability, safety and a multicultural learning environment.

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