Transfer Credit

As a member school of the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT), Acsenda allows students to transfer academic credit from other recognized post-secondary institutions to Acsenda courses and programs. The purpose of this is to increase access for students and to facilitate mobility between other post-secondary institutions and Acsenda School of Management.

In addition, students should not be required to retake academic courses successfully completed elsewhere where there is a reasonable fit or match with the majority of the learning outcomes.

Credit Transfer


A minimum course grade of C (60%) or equivalent is required. Therefore, there is a maximum of 60 credit hours that can be awarded toward degree requirements as a combination of transfer credit and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). Our full credit transfer policy is available HERE.

In addition, Acsenda abides by the principles of the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer and the Pan Canadian Protocol on the Transferability of University Credits.

BC Credit Transfer

The categories of BC credit transfer include:

1. Assigned Credits – transfer credits deemed as equivalent to specific Acsenda courses. As a result, assigned credits are awarded for courses with content acceptably similar to courses offered by Acsenda.

2. Unassigned Credits – transfer credits recognized as post-secondary level which are not offered by Acsenda, are not required for
the degree but may be accepted towards meeting the academic requirements for the degree. Therefore, these will not substitute for
courses required to satisfy specific components of the program. Also, unassigned credits may be awarded where course-to-course
equivalencies cannot be established and such credits may be allowed as electives and may also be used to fulfill credit
requirements for the degree. However, unassigned credits may not satisfy some specific program requirements.

3. Block transfer credits – Involves a block of credits granted to students who have successfully completed a certificate diploma,
or blocks of courses earned through a previous degree or part of a degree program that may be credited towards an Acsenda
degree requirement, or a block of credits recognized in an articulation agreement with another institution.  Also, students receiving
block transfer credits may be required to complete additional bridging courses to satisfy lower-level degree requirements or
pre-requisite requirements for upper-level courses.

International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement

Domestic or international applicants who are graduates from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and Advanced Placement
programs are eligible for admission and may receive course credit for first-year undergraduate courses.

IB diploma graduates must have a minimum score of 24 points and at least three (3) Higher Level, and three (3) Standard Level courses including English and Math. Nonetheless, if only Certificate courses have been completed, admission will be based on the high school curriculum.

For applicants who present results of one or more Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the admission will be based on the highest of either the AP score or the approved course grade of an equivalent course in the curriculum being followed by the applicant.

The grade conversion scales used to determine admission based on official AP and IB results are as follows:

Applicants who have completed the IB diploma are eligible for between 18 to 30 credits for first-year courses depending on the
courses completed. IB students must have a grade of 4 or higher in each course eligible for transfer credit. Also, applicants who have completed Advanced Placement (AP) courses with a grade of 4 or higher may be considered for first-year course credit on a case-by-case basis.


Students may appeal a transfer credit evaluation by writing to the Registrar requesting a re-evaluation of transfer credits and providing
additional information to support that request. As a result, if there are reasonable grounds for appealing the decision of the Registrar, the student may send a letter of appeal to the VP Academic, and consequently, the VP Academic decision on transfer credit appeals is final.

For more information on transfer credit, where to transfer, types of credits, etc., please check the BC Transfer Guide Article in the Campus News section of the Acsenda website.