What are the student clubs that Acsenda offers?

Acsenda offers a wide range of options when it comes to student clubs and organizations.

A student club is an organization that is led and managed exclusively by students that have various goals and objectives for the club. The reason why students create clubs is due that they provide leadership development, student engagement with the institution and with other members, promote shared interests, and learn new skills.

What are the student clubs that Acsenda offers?

Each club has a coordinator, which is often a professor, dean or head of a concentration department. Some of the clubs available are:

The Human Resources Club helps members by articulating the principles of HRM, specifically the balancing of skills of different people in the world of business. Also, it acts as a bridge between the HRM concentration students and their skills and career.

Although a central purpose of the HR Club is to help students to better understand the processes and requirements to become a Charted Professional for Human Resources (CPHR), the HR Club also informs students about relevant workshops, events, expos, and competitions that take place in Vancouver.

The Marketing Club focuses on enhancing the experience of members through opportunities that help in developing skills beyond the classroom. Members will have access to exclusive marketing-based news and information, garner access to unique events, and the opportunity to participate in a practicum exclusively for marketing members.

The Club also supports and inspires students to pursue their passions, helping them garner substantial experience in the marketing world prior to entering the global job market.

The purpose of the Accounting Club is to support members looking to improve their practical accounting skills and expand their networks. The club focuses on providing information that will help members in understanding the processes and requirements required to become Charted Professional Accountant (CPA).

Also, the club offers accounting-specific speaker sessions, workshops and networking opportunities for club members.

The purpose of the IBM Club is to help students bridge the gap between academics and future job responsibilities. The club helps its members understand the procedures and requirements to achieve the designation of Certified International Trade Professional (CITP).

The IBM club creates opportunities for its members to expand their understanding of the global business environment by exposing students to guest speakers, events with information about the Canadian and international business world, and networking activities.

The Hospitality Club focuses on helping members discover and learn more about different career paths in the hospitality industry. In short, the goal of the club is to share resources and insights from industry leaders, to help fill the gaps between students and future industry needs. Also, the hospitality club offers a practicum exclusively for club members.

The Performing and Visual Arts Club serves as a venue through which the talents of Acsenda students are channelled. This club focuses on enhancing students’ self-confidence and self-esteem by providing opportunities to pursue passions through various forms of art. Members represent their work in the form of photography, graphics, paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, crafts, videos, and more.

  • Job Search Club

The purpose of the Job Search club is to facilitate the personal and professional growth of Acsenda students by discovering their potential, promoting experiential learning and building connections with industry professionals. Students have access to resources such as job search strategies, interview training, and networking events with professionals from various industries.

If interested in joining the job search club please fill out the application form that is linked here.

  • Gaming Club

The gaming club aims to provide a space for students where they can socialize, have fun, and meet new people online. Members can provide a game they want to play and look for other members that are into the game so they can connect and enjoy time together.

If you want to join the Gaming Club, check out their discord channel.

Why are student clubs important?

Student clubs can help you develop many skills, learn a lot of things from that area and create connections with different people. But there are many more benefits that they can offer.

1. Learning new skills

Clubs give you the opportunity to learn new things that you might not learn from the usual classes. It helps you to get better time management, be more independent and outgoing, and feel more comfortable in an environment that is mostly just for students.

2.  Get a better-looking resume

If you are into things that can make your resume look more appealing to employers, then a student club is a great way to help you with that. Besides all the learnings, knowledge, fun, connections and other stuff that you get out of the club; there are still things you can add to your resume. For instance, the fact that you were part of the club gives you a great advantage over competitors.

3. Networking opportunities

It is surely reasonable that you can connect with peers and other members at this point; but you can also connect with guest speakers, artists, presenters, etc. And manage to obtain those higher valuable connections for your professional career.

4. Improve self-confidence

Sometimes students can feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the class environment. That can be due to the number of students, teachers, or just because of not being an extrovert. Well, a club is composed of many students that aim to support members and help them carry out any issue. Clubs might be a better way to raise your voice and share your opinions with everyone else without any fear.

Remember that you need to be an Acsenda student in order to join any club. If you are interested in any of the clubs, please contact and they will connect you with the leader.

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