Welcome to Acsenda's Marketing Club!

The Acsenda Marketing Club supports and inspires students to pursue their passions, helping them garner substantial experience in the marketing world prior to entering the global job market.

To join the marketing club, take action today! Email our director, Ghoncheh Moshiri, at ghoncheh.moshiri@acsenda.com, and you can expect a response within a week.

Club Benefits


Marketing Managers require effective communication skills with clear and concise writing. This is particularly important when developing a product sheet, video script, email pitch, event abstract or infographic.


Optimizing content for search engines, managing digital marketing campaigns and editing websites take technical skills. Through the Marketing Club, we provide the resources necessary to learn these things.


Thinking differently is what will separate you from the rest. Being able to produce creative and compelling marketing campaigns is an art. Through the Marketing Club, we can help one another develop this skill.


Coordinating events, creating strategic schedules for major projects and helping team members finish assignments on time is all a part of the job. The Marketing Club is a great way to understand these processes.

For more information on members, events and activities please visit our Instagram account: