Welcome to Acsenda's Hospitality Club

We are thrilled to have you! Learn about trends, opportunities and insights from our Guest Speaker Series of renowned industry leaders. Experience our hospitality passion while attending HC events and activities. Meet great people and find new friends!

All Acsenda students are welcome to join!

The Acsenda Hospitality Club is passion project, focused on providing students with tools, events and networking opportunities for those interested in working in the hospitality industry.

Our goal is to share resources and insights from industry leaders, to help fill the gaps between students and future industry-needs.

Events (access through MyASM)

20th July, Latincouver
Pablo Zacarias
Creative Project Manager
Experience Designer
Intermittent Artist

29th July, Centerplate
Mr. Paul McArdle
District Manager

29th July, Centerplate
Executive Chef William Tse
Regional Chef overseeing all of Canada

3rd August, Sea to Sky Gondola
Kirby Brown
General Manager

11th August, Global Culinary Tourism Strategist & Advisor
Chef & Consultant
Eric Pateman, MBA, FRCGS
Advisor, Chef & Consultant

19th August, The Tourism Café
Lesley Anderson
Training & Development Manager

24th August, Food & Agri Tourism Destination
Jane Connelly
Development MSc Innovation Tourism