keep.meSAFE announces launch of peer to peer support program

keep.meSAFE has announced the launch of a peer-to-peer support program called ‘MySSP Community’. Keep Me Safe is a free mental wellness program that Acsenda School of Management provides its students, offering professional counselling services in dozens of different languages. The platform is designed to help with issues surrounding mental health, work-study balance, stress, depression or anxiety, academic issues, relationship issues and more.

keep.meSAFE announces launch of peer to peer support program

What is MySSP Community about?

MySSP is a 24/7 service that provides students free counselling support via chat or phone with experienced professionals. MySSP Community is a new program that has peer-to-peer support only for students allowing them to share their highs and lows through commenting, reading, and posting. It is a program where students can talk freely, without judgement and with confidentiality.

Students can use their app, web, or telephone depending on what they are most comfortable with. The new program is all about getting the right source of support, and this is done by student peer supporters that are trained before being recruited. The platform has access to 26 languages, not just for counselling, but for helpful articles, social feeding groups, and messages. It is also backed by moderation and escalation through a special team.

How do you access the MySSP community?

If you have the app:

keep.meSAFE announces launch of peer to peer support program

  1. Go to the MySSP community
  2. Sign up by entering the name of your school
  3. Click the link sent to your email to unlock the ability to post, comment, and react

If you do not have the app: 

  1. Download it from the Play Store or App Store
  2. In the app, search for your school
  3. Fill out the personal details and accept the terms of use
  4. You are all set to explore resources, obtain health assessments, get confidential support and use virtual fitness
  5. From there you can follow the same steps as ‘if you have the app‘ to enter to sign up for MySSP Community

What other resources does the MySSP app have?

It has a space for quick action buttons where students can call, chat, explore, or share feedback. There are also recommendations on the main page where students can find the following cool shortcuts to improve their mental health:

  • Depression Hub

On this page, there is informative content focused on identifying depression as a mental disorder. It includes ways of understanding and dealing with depression, other conditions that it can cause, helping others, and finding support and a podcast/video zone. You can find articles, audio, and videos about other topics related to depression and treatments, as well.

  • Health assessment

The health assessment page will help you assess your health completely anonymously. It provides different types of assessments depending on what you are going through; for instance, it has individual assessments, particularly for depression, general anxiety, drug use, and alcohol use. These surveys will help you know the problems that you have, and ways for you to solve them or find support within the app.

  • Virtual Fitness

This is a page where you can find information about the free virtual fitness journeys customized to your personal goals and capabilities. Even though the MySSP app provides you with a free workout video, you would need to download the LIFT session app. LIFT is the platform in charge of powering the fitness sessions of MySSP.

LIFT provides a full suite of fitness offerings that make working out exciting, easy, and efficient. It is like working at a gym but from the comfort of your house with a custom program just made for your needs. It is pretty simple and can be done through the MySSP app in a matter of minutes.

  • Featured videos

On this page, you can find video series, or posted past webinars. They are designed to support you when you face multiple responsibilities at the same time; for example, work, studies, family, relationships, etc. You can also share the videos to other platforms, or help friends or people you might know by sending them.

Aside from the recommendations on the main page of the MySSP app, there are other features that the app has such as:

  • Exploration tab where you can find any type of articles, audio, or videos you need related to anything about mental health. For instance, habits, money tips, sexual health, LGBTQA+, disorder, abuses, diet, student life, etc.
  • Get support tab where you can find the MySSP numbers for any region, health assessment and virtual fitness as well.
  • My School tab where shows FAQs, Covid updates, student services, health and medical insurance and academic calendar from your school.

How does the KeepMeSafe program help you aside from the MySSP app?

KeepMeSafe is the main program which also gives access to the MySSP app. However, it has different things to offer exclusively to students.

It does help you match with experienced professionals without an appointment needed, and from anywhere and anytime. It has counselling services with a dedicated counsellor via phone or video. Confidentiality, multilingual support, and at no additional charges.

KeepMeSafe is ideal because it helps students with many types of concerns such as:

  • Adapting to a new environment, country, school, etc.
  • Problems or pressure with family members, friends, or instructors
  • Issues of isolation, loneliness, or sadness
  • Stress and worry
  • Frustration or uncertainty with studies, exams, or post-graduation plans
  • The balance between studies and work
  • Communication and time management skills

keep.meSAFE announces launch of peer to peer support program

Who is providing the clinical/counselling support with KeepMeSafe and MySSP?

The clinical service provider who is behind KeepMeSafe is called LifeWorks (formally Morneau Shepell). They are a leading global provider of emotional health and wellbeing services.

If you talk with a LifeWork advisor or representative they will create a client record and assess you. Afterwards, they will connect you with a KeepMeSafe counsellor.

If you have any more questions about the KeepMeSafe program, please download the MySSP link attached.




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