Acsenda IBM student awarded Dr. Harold Kerzner Scholarship

Acsenda International Business Management student Rubén García Guerrero has been awarded the Dr. Harold Kerzner Scholarship sponsored by the International Institute for Learning (IIL) Foundation in the amount of US $7,500 in recognition of his achievements in demonstrating academic excellence, applying strong project management theories to real-world practice, and excelling in his studies at Acsenda School of Management.

Who is Dr. Harold Kerzner?

Dr. Kerzner is a senior Executive Director at IIL, a leading provider of the development and delivery of custom learning solutions, professional certifications training, and online conferences for individuals and organizations worldwide. In recognition of his significant contribution to this field. IILF established the permanent endowment fund in his name for the purpose of supporting project management education and excellence.

How did Ruben Garcia get the scholarship?

The foundation’s selection committee was impressed with Rubén’s application, his academic goals, his abilities to apply the theory learned in his project management course at Acsenda to industry practice, and his future career aspirations. The award recognizes and honours Rubén’s hard work and commitment with this financial award and is keen to support Rubén in pursuing a career in project management and supply chain management as well as his educational journey at Acsenda School of Management.

Rubén stated, “at Acsenda School of Management, I learned the importance of experiential learning and the critical role it plays in taking the student’s learning experience to a whole new level. I was fortunate to be taught by the best instructors anyone can have and interacted with an exceptionally skilled and experienced mentor, professor Ramazanov who answered just any question I had about Project Management and Supply Chain Management principles both through in-class and co-curriculum activities. At Acsenda, I learned the true meaning of student-centricity in learning and an individually-focus environment.”

What was the reason why Ruben obtain the scholarship?

“Without hyperbole, Rubén is the most exceptional student I have taught over my several years of teaching. In addition to the natural day-to-day leadership, he demonstrates in experiential and team-based projects, he was voted in as Vice President of the IBM club, and the same joy he brings to Acsenda classrooms, he extends to our entire institution. IIL Foundation believes in the power of education to transform a student’s life journey. In addition to providing students with the funding to realize their dreams, the foundation provides students with a supportive community of scholarship peers and alumni and access to ongoing special events and professional opportunities.  Similarly, at Acsenda, we work as a team to deliver the best quality programs and we play a critical role not only as disseminators of knowledge but as mentors and providers of opportunities and connections to industry. As Dr. Jean Rhodes, Director, and mentor at the University of Massachusetts Boston Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring stated: “Virtually every aspect of human development is fundamentally shaped by interpersonal relationships. So it stands to reason that when close and caring relationships are placed at the center of a youth intervention, as is the case in mentoring programs, the conditions for healthy development are ripe”. Rubén’s achievement represents clear evidence that the use of mentoring, student-centric, and experiential-based learning approaches can significantly shape adult learners’ paths toward successful careers “Associate Director of International Business at Acsenda, Fuat Ramazanov said.

Congratulations Rubén García Guerrero. The Acsenda community is proud of your accomplishment as the recipient of the 2022 Project Management Institute For Learning Foundation Award!

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