Honourable Jinny Sims Visits Acsenda

Jinny Sims visited the ASM campus on May 10, 2019.

Hon. Sims is the Minister of Citizens’ Services. Born in Punjab, India, Jinny immigrated to England at nine years old.
She earned her education degree at the University of Manchester and became a high school teacher when she moved to Canada.
Jinny spent many happy years teaching before becoming the president of the BC Teachers’ Federation in 2004. In 2011, Jinny was elected as the Member of Parliament for Newton-North Delta and served as a critic of International Cooperation, Critic of Immigration, and Critic for Employment.
Hon. Sims was able to share her experience with the faculty, staff, students, and alumni present at the reception. She encouraged the students to make the best use of their opportunities as students. Advising them to network, volunteer and expand their circle. Also, the session was interactive as people had the opportunity of asking questions and getting their thoughts on various subjects.
Thank you, Hon. Sims for visiting Acsenda.
Honourable Jinny Sims Visits Acsenda Honourable Jinny Sims Visits Acsenda