British Columbia American Marketing Association Conference 2019

Some Acsenda students attended the 2019 British Columbia American Marketing Association’s Vision Conference. The aim of the conference was to inspire and push the limits of thinking.
According to Jose Ganem a student of Acsenda, “The BCAMA Conference was a great opportunity to learn about innovative marketing and communication concepts and how they are applied in real-world situations.
Ted O’Reilly really amazed us with his insights into how brands think outside the box and look at problems with a clear mind to try to figure out a counterintuitive solution. Terry Hogan showed us how brands are not just a logo or a name but they are a sum of all of the promises we make and keep. You can have great written company values, vision, and mission but if these words are not being shown in every interaction with a customer eventually the failed promises will pile up and the customer will feel let down.
Overall, it was a fantastic experience to meet new people and hear about the latest and greatest in the field and I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity the University gave us”.
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