CBIE International Student Survey 2021: What do international students think of Canada?

The CBIE stands for Canadian Bureau for International Education. They are a non-profit, non-governmental membership organization, in charge of studying, analyzing and reporting on the experience of international students in Canada since 1988. They review more than 67 institutions, gathering more than 40,000 international student responses.

This article will talk about the main findings that the CBIE 2021 survey found about the international student’s experience in Canada, regarding topics like the PGWP, work, etc.

What were the main findings of the CBIE International Student Survey 2021?

The CBIE International Survey 2021 was open for 3 months and there was participation from 67 institutions and 41,512 students. It was important for institutions and decision-makers to understand more about international students; besides how to improve their experience and offer benefits that can help them and the future of Canada. Some of the significant findings were:

Canada and its benefits

International students cited Canada’s reputation as a safe, stable and tolerant country; and the educational system is a critical factor for them to choose Canada as their study destination. One important consideration from under 40% of the respondents was the opportunity to obtain permanent residence.

Student experience

The biggest challenges that students mentioned were arranging accommodation, transferring funds, and obtaining a study permit. Pandemic hurdles and travel requirements were mentioned.

Experience with work

Half of the students reported that they are working or worked, however, four in ten reported having difficulties with finding a job. The main reason for that is the lack of experience that those respondents had before or while in Canada.

Post-graduation plans

Around 43% of students reported that they plan to work for up to 3 years of their PGWP and then apply for the PR. Meanwhile, 18.8% of students indicated they are planning to work for up to 3 years of their PGWP and then return home. Finally, almost one in ten reported that they would look for work outside of Canada and their home country.

Knowledge of Indigenous Peoples

Under 85% of students reported gaining awareness about the history and culture of indigenous people throughout their studies. Around 21% of students reported gaining very little appreciation of Indigenous people’s history and culture.

Where are the international students that answer the survey located?

The students that answered the survey are located in different provinces within Canada, to provide a better idea observe the graphic below.

CBIE International Student Survey Results 2021
CBIE International Student Survey Results (2021)

What are the main reasons why international students chose Canada?

There are many reasons according to CBIE International Student Survey Results 2021 for international students have chosen Canada over other study countries. The main reasons cited by students in 2021 are:

Quality of life

Canada is a top country when it comes to living standards, it is ranked the #1 most livable country in the world. The ranking was based on different criteria such as affordability, diversity of students, and opinion from graduates about the job market. Canada has a cost of living lower than many other countries, and also offers stability, safety and a respectful multicultural environment.

Quality of education

Canada is a world-recognized country for quality of education, from the lower level of studies to the highest. Degrees of any kind are accredited internationally, which makes it a more accessible and transferable place for students to come and go to different countries.

Canadian society

Canada is a very welcoming country for foreign students with a culture that embraces diversity. It also accepts people from different backgrounds, religions, beliefs, traditions, etc; which presents it as a non-discriminatory country and a tolerant society.

Opportunities for permanent residence

The government of Canada has been expanding the options for permanent residence to students. They are also opening more spots for internationals to manage to get permanent residence. Additionally, please look at campus news to check more about permanent residence on the Acsenda website.

Career and work experience opportunities

The rate for students to get a job after graduation is very high. Therefore, through the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) program that the Canadian government offers, students can work for a particular amount of time after they finish their studies, which gives them financial compensation and professional experience in the job world.

Also, if you want more information, please visit the CBIE website to check on the international student survey results 2021.

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