Acsenda Empowers Future Professionals: Enterprise Info Session Highlights

At Acsenda School of Management, we believe in connecting our students with real-world opportunities and professions. Connecting students with real-world opportunities and professions. On October 26th, we proudly hosted an enlightening Employer Info Session, featuring Charan Bamrah, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Enterprise, as our special guest speaker. The event took our students on an exploration of Enterprise , delving deep into the heart of the company’s unique culture. Charan Bamrah shared invaluable professional insights and personal anecdotes, offering students a unique perspective on what makes Enterprise truly exceptional. The session emphasized the key competencies required for success in our dynamic industry. Charan’s guidance, drawn from her extensive experience, shed light on the skills that set individuals on the path to triumph. As the event progressed, we revealed the multitude of career opportunities that await within Enterprise Mobility. Whether it’s customer services, sales, finance, or other exciting paths, the possibilities are as diverse as they are promising. The spotlight was on the signature Management Trainee Program, a launchpad for future leaders.   Stay Connected! If you missed the session, don’t worry! You can still stay updated and explore the world of opportunities by visiting Enterprise’s career page at link. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Charan Bamrah and Professor Ghoncheh Moshiri for making this event a resounding success. We’re excited to witness our students flourish in their careers and achieve great heights with Enterprise ! Stay connected with Acsenda for more exciting events and opportunities.

Acsenda’s Cultural Journey: Dashain Celebration!

Acsenda School of Management had a fantastic event that showed how different cultures can come together. Our students brought the festivities to life with incredible dances, mouthwatering Nepalese cuisine, and the stunning display of traditional attire.  Are you ready to immerse yourself in the diverse world of international holidays and cultures? At Acsenda, we’re on a mission to celebrate and teach our students about the rich tapestry of holiday traditions from around the globe. This October, we took a captivating journey into the heart of Dashain, a Nepalese festival, right here at Acsenda. Our students came together to make this cultural exchange a memorable one, featuring vibrant dances, delectable Nepalese cuisine, and a mesmerizing showcase of traditional attire. The day became even more special with the participation of President Neil and Director of Quality and Risk, Catherine Kang, who conducted a heartfelt Tika ceremony. Did you catch a glimpse of our Nepalese students proudly donning their traditional garments? It was a sight to behold! The contagious spirit of the celebration left everyone eagerly anticipating our next cultural festival. But that’s not all! Our dedicated faculty and staff also got into the spirit of cultural celebrations by participating in one of Vancouver’s most prestigious galas, the BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) Grand Diwali Gala 2023. Acsenda School of Management looks back on our participation in this magnificent celebration of the “Festival of Lights,” a remarkable event that showcases the diverse and international thinking that defines us.   Keep an eye on your calendars because at Acsenda, every day is an opportunity to embrace and learn about new cultures and traditions. Don’t forget to check our social media for the full video of the celebration, and be sure to savor the delightful food provided by the incredible Mount Everest Grill and Kitchen! Stay tuned for more exciting cultural experiences!Follow us ! Click Here 

Acsenda HR Club’s Inspiring Visit to IT GLUE Company

Acsenda has continued to be an institution that prioritises connecting people and professions, building long-lasting relationships with well-connected organisations in Canada and abroad. Exploring New Horizons: Acsenda HR Club’s Prestigious Visit to IT GLUE Company A significant event took place as Acsenda’s HR Club embarked on an prestigios company visit to IT GLUE Company, Software company located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.  Guided by the support of HR Management Program Director, Pomponia Martinez, and the dynamic leadership of HR Club President, Revie Bao, the group embarked on a journey filled with enthusiasm. Students from various program concentrations, including the new enrollees, were all part of this remarkable experience. Connecting People and Professions The visit combined fun and education. As students had the privilege of gaining insights from the company’s experts, who boasted remarkable backgrounds in finance, human resources, and people support. The welcoming environment of the company added an extra layer of delight to the day. Students also had the opportunity to trace the company’s humble beginnings and witness its evolution into a powerhouse in the Information Technology business world. They learned that Kaseya serves as the driving force behind IT GLUE Company’s success. With its headquarters situated in Miami, Florida, the company has expanded its reach to 34 branches with multiple hubs nationwide. The visit was equally enriching for students as they discovered the intricacies of the company’s hiring process and the qualities sought after in potential candidates. The company’s HR team shared valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of tailoring one’s resume to match the essential requirements and the significance of identifying keywords when applying for a specific job. In addition, students received valuable advice, encouraging them to apply even if only half of the required work experience aligns with their own. An engaging Q & A session was also conducted, during which students had the chance to inquire about the multitude of opportunities the company offers to international students. The company not only provides 100% employee benefits but also promotes continuous skill development through ongoing training. The company visit was highly beneficial, with participants departing with a wealth of knowledge and lasting connections with professionals and company members.

Acsenda Students Club Fair 2023

October 20th marked a pivotal day as we hosted our most exceptional Student Club Fair T4-2023, setting the stage for a dynamic campus environment abounding with knowledge-thirsty enthusiasts.

Age is just a Number Fundraising Gala 2023- Acsenda Students

The Seniors Services Society of BC hosted the 8th annual Fundraising Gala  Acsenda Students Making a difference in Seniors’ lives  Published on October 16, 2023 Student Life   On September 28, The Seniors Services Society of BC hosted its 8th annual Fundraising Gala, aptly named ‘Age is Just a Number.’ Five dedicated Acsenda students volunteered for this event, all with the shared goal of combatting homelessness and social isolation among seniors while championing healthy and positive aging. Participating in a prestigious GALA dinner event presents a remarkable opportunity for students to both attend and volunteer. As attendees, they gain the advantage of networking with prominent guests, including notable figures like the New Westminster Mayor. It’s a testament to the belief that age is merely a number; even at a young age, one can explore boundlessly, paving the way to achieving personal and professional aspirations. For the volunteers, it’s an honor to contribute significantly to the event’s seamless execution. The event’s auction, coupled with an exclusive dinner with the Mayor of New Westminster, stands out as a highlight. Notably, numerous event sponsors graced the occasion, and the organizers extended their heartfelt appreciation to them. In essence, this event serves as an outstanding platform for students to connect and build networks with other attendees they encounter. AIJAN supports vital services such as housing navigation, outreach support, temporary housing, housing information and referral, fresh meal delivery, medical transportation, grocery shopping and delivery, digital literacy training, and friendly support calls.

Acsenda Celebrates National Indigenous History Month

Acsenda Celebrates National Indigenous History Month Celebrating Indigenous Culture at Acsenda- Exploring the Artistry of Darren Yelton In honor of National Indigenous History Month, Acsenda School of Management had the privilege of hosting the talented artist, Mr. Darren Yelton, from the Coast Salish-Squamish community. Previous Next  Students at Acsenda had the unique opportunity to delve into the world of Indigenous artistry and learn from a master carver. During the carving event, students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the mastery of Mr. Yelton’s craftsmanship. The details and symbolism embedded in his artwork showcased the deep connection to Indigenous heritage. The event provided a platform for students to appreciate and learn about the art form, fostering a greater understanding of Indigenous artistry and its cultural significance. Promoting Cultural Understanding: Raising Awareness of Indigenous Heritage Beyond the artistic aspect, this event also served as a means to raise awareness about Indigenous culture among international students. By immersing themselves in the art of carving and engaging with Mr. Yelton’s stories, students gained a deeper appreciation for the diversity and resilience of Indigenous peoples. The event sparked meaningful conversations about the importance of preserving and honoring Indigenous heritage. For those who were unable to attend the carving event, Acsenda School of Management invites everyone to visit the campus and experience the profound artwork of Darren Yelton firsthand. By engaging with his creations, visitors can enrich their understanding of Indigenous artistry and history, fostering a greater appreciation for the profound contributions of Indigenous peoples  Mr. Darren Yelton, a renowned Canadian sculptor and proud member of the Squamish Nation, generously shared his artistic journey with Acsenda students. His dedication to preserving the vibrant culture and traditions of his community is evident in his awe-inspiring artwork.  From learning the intricate techniques of carving to infusing profound symbolism into his creations, Mr. Yelton’s story left everyone inspired and deeply moved. 🌐 Visit Mr. Darren Yelton’s website: Previous Next As we celebrate National Indigenous History Month, Acsenda embraces the opportunity to honor and celebrate Indigenous culture. The encounter with Darren Yelton and his remarkable artwork provided an avenue for students to immerse themselves in the richness of Indigenous heritage.  By continuing to learn and appreciate the diversity, resilience, and profound contributions of Indigenous peoples, we strive to foster a more inclusive and culturally aware community at Acsenda and beyond. International students can embrace the opportunity to honor and celebrate Indigenous culture in several ways: Attend Cultural Events:  These events may include powwows, storytelling sessions, art exhibitions, and traditional performances. Engaging in these activities allows international students to witness and appreciate Indigenous culture firsthand. Join Cultural Clubs or Organizations:  Active participation in club activities, workshops, and discussions provides a platform to engage with Indigenous students and learn from their experiences. Take Indigenous Studies Courses: These courses delve into the rich history, literature, art, and traditions of Indigenous peoples.  Volunteer and Support Indigenous Initiatives:  This can include assisting with cultural preservation projects, participating in community events, or contributing to Indigenous-focused organizations.  Engage in Dialogue and Cultural Exchange: Engage in open and respectful dialogue with Indigenous students, faculty, and community members.  Educate Others:  Organize awareness campaigns, cultural showcases, or presentations to share knowledge about Indigenous traditions, histories, and contemporary issues.  By sharing their experiences and promoting understanding, international students can contribute to a more inclusive and respectful environment. International students can honor and celebrate Indigenous culture, fostering cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation within their university communities and beyond.