Acsenda HR Club’s Inspiring Visit to IT GLUE Company

Acsenda has continued to be an institution that prioritises connecting people and professions, building long-lasting relationships with well-connected organisations in Canada and abroad.

Exploring New Horizons: Acsenda HR Club's Prestigious Visit to IT GLUE Company

A significant event took place as Acsenda’s HR Club embarked on an prestigios company visit to IT GLUE Company, Software company located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. 

Guided by the support of HR Management Program Director, Pomponia Martinez, and the dynamic leadership of HR Club President, Revie Bao, the group embarked on a journey filled with enthusiasm. Students from various program concentrations, including the new enrollees, were all part of this remarkable experience.

Connecting People and Professions

The visit combined fun and education. As students had the privilege of gaining insights from the company’s experts, who boasted remarkable backgrounds in finance, human resources, and people support. The welcoming environment of the company added an extra layer of delight to the day. Students also had the opportunity to trace the company’s humble beginnings and witness its evolution into a powerhouse in the Information Technology business world.

They learned that Kaseya serves as the driving force behind IT GLUE Company’s success. With its headquarters situated in Miami, Florida, the company has expanded its reach to 34 branches with multiple hubs nationwide.

The visit was equally enriching for students as they discovered the intricacies of the company’s hiring process and the qualities sought after in potential candidates. The company’s HR team shared valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of tailoring one’s resume to match the essential requirements and the significance of identifying keywords when applying for a specific job. In addition, students received valuable advice, encouraging them to apply even if only half of the required work experience aligns with their own.

An engaging Q & A session was also conducted, during which students had the chance to inquire about the multitude of opportunities the company offers to international students. The company not only provides 100% employee benefits but also promotes continuous skill development through ongoing training.

The company visit was highly beneficial, with participants departing with a wealth of knowledge and lasting connections with professionals and company members.

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