Acsenda’s Cultural Journey: Dashain Celebration!

Acsenda School of Management had a fantastic event that showed how different cultures can come together. Our students brought the festivities to life with incredible dances, mouthwatering Nepalese cuisine, and the stunning display of traditional attire. 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the diverse world of international holidays and cultures?

At Acsenda, we’re on a mission to celebrate and teach our students about the rich tapestry of holiday traditions from around the globe.

This October, we took a captivating journey into the heart of Dashain, a Nepalese festival, right here at Acsenda. Our students came together to make this cultural exchange a memorable one, featuring vibrant dances, delectable Nepalese cuisine, and a mesmerizing showcase of traditional attire. The day became even more special with the participation of President Neil and Director of Quality and Risk, Catherine Kang, who conducted a heartfelt Tika ceremony.

Did you catch a glimpse of our Nepalese students proudly donning their traditional garments? It was a sight to behold! The contagious spirit of the celebration left everyone eagerly anticipating our next cultural festival.

But that’s not all! Our dedicated faculty and staff also got into the spirit of cultural celebrations by participating in one of Vancouver’s most prestigious galas, the BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) Grand Diwali Gala 2023. Acsenda School of Management looks back on our participation in this magnificent celebration of the “Festival of Lights,” a remarkable event that showcases the diverse and international thinking that defines us.


Keep an eye on your calendars because at Acsenda, every day is an opportunity to embrace and learn about new cultures and traditions. Don’t forget to check our social media for the full video of the celebration, and be sure to savor the delightful food provided by the incredible Mount Everest Grill and Kitchen!
Stay tuned for more exciting cultural experiences!
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