Acsenda Students Participate in Shoreline Cleanup 2023

Acsenda Shoreline Clean Up  Keep our beaches clean. Tania Garcia     June 09, 2023  Engaging in shoreline clean-up is a journey that requires consistent action and awareness. It’s not just about participating in a one-time event; it’s about making an ongoing effort to protect our environment. On June 4th at 12 PM, Acsenda School of Management organized a shoreline clean-up! Previous Next In this blog post, we will explore some ways to contribute to this ongoing effort and make a lasting impact. 1-Join local cleanup groups:One of the best ways to contribute to the shoreline clean-up journey is by joining local cleanup groups. Look for organizations or community groups that organize regular shoreline cleanup activities. By participating in these events, you actively contribute to the cleanliness of our shores while connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for environmental conservation. 2-Organize your own cleanup events:Take the initiative to organize cleanup events in your community or workplace. By organizing your own clean-up activities, you can inspire others to get involved and raise awareness about the importance of shoreline cleanup. Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join you in this journey towards a cleaner environment. 3-Reduce personal waste:One of the most effective ways to prevent litter from reaching our shorelines is by reducing personal waste. Practice responsible consumption and waste management by disposing of waste properly, recycling, and minimizing the use of single-use plastics. By reducing your own waste generation, you contribute to a cleaner environment and help prevent pollution in our water bodies. 4-Educate others:Spread awareness about the impacts of marine debris and the importance of shoreline cleanup. Take the opportunity to educate others about the issue through social media, local events, or educational campaigns. Share information about the harmful effects of litter on wildlife and ecosystems, and inspire others to join the journey towards a cleaner and healthier shoreline. Every small action counts, and together, we can make a significant impact on the health of our shorelines for future generations. In Acsenda School of Management, we are committed to being part of the solution. We believe that education plays a crucial role in fostering environmental awareness and inspiring sustainable practices.

Acsenda launches CareersConnect, careers and networking newsletter

aCSENDA LAUNCHES CAREERSCONNECT Exclusive career and networking opportunities Discover the power of CareersConnect — a specialized program designed exclusively for students and alumni of Acsenda School of Management. In this post, we delve into the essence of CareersConnect, unveiling its purpose, benefits, and the remarkable opportunities it offers. Exclusivity: Learn how CareersConnect goes above and beyond, providing access to exclusive job opportunities and networking events in Vancouver, specifically curated for high-achieving Acsenda students and alumni. Discover how this tailored approach enhances your chances of securing the perfect job that aligns with your skills and aspirations. Career Advancement Support: Explore how CareersConnect equips you with the essential skills, tools, and resources to navigate the competitive job market with confidence. Uncover the comprehensive support and guidance it offers, empowering you to shine as you pursue your desired career path. Unlocking Unseen Pathways: Unveil the hidden gem of CareersConnect as we reveal its strategic partnerships with top companies and organizations. Find out how these collaborations grant you access to exclusive job openings that are not accessible to the general public. Gain a competitive edge and elevate your job search to new heights. Networking for Success: Discover the networking events organized by CareersConnect, where you can connect with professionals and industry experts in Vancouver. Learn how these events expand your professional network, offer invaluable insights, and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Acsenda School of Management Hosts Job Fair 2023

Acsenda Hosts Job Fair 2023 Job fairs provide a unique opportunity for both companies and job seekers. They allow companies to connect with a pool of talented candidates, promote their brand, and gain insights into their target demographic. Job seekers can benefit from attending these events by meeting face-to-face with employers, learning about job openings, and making valuable contacts within their desired industry. At Acsenda Job Fair 2023 we took these benefits to the next level. By hosting a job fair on campus, Acsenda provides a centralized location for students and alumni to connect with a diverse range of companies and industries. This allows students to gain exposure to a variety of career paths within their field of study and to explore different opportunities available to them.  Overall, is a unique and valuable opportunity for both companies and students, providing a supportive and connected community to facilitate successful career paths. We are grateful for the time and effort that the participating companies put into the job fair at Acsenda, providing valuable opportunities for our students. We truly appreciate their dedication to helping our students achieve their career goals. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students! Better Environmentally Sound Transportation Sequoia Company of Restaurants Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver Aquarium Sun Life Financial Services Powell River Town Centre Hotel / Beach Gardens Resort & Marina Our most recent job fair was a huge success, with 150 students being present participating with the companies. We are thrilled to see our students making progress towards their dream jobs and we are committed to continuing to provide them with the resources they need to succeed. Acsenda is committed to helping our students achieve their career goals and make valuable connections within their desired industry. Our job fair provides a unique opportunity for students and employers to connect and form meaningful relationships that can lead to successful career paths. We look forward to continuing to host this important event and to welcoming more companies to participate in the future. If your company is interested in participating in our next job fair, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our Career Services Coordinator, Nick Wang, at to learn more about the opportunities available and how your company can get involved.

Acsenda Students and Staff Attend 39th Annual Vancouver Sun Run

Acsenda Students and Staff Attend 39th Annual Vancouver Sun Run Are you ready for some exciting news? Rain or shine, the Acsenda students and staff participated in the 39th Vancouver Sun Run this Sunday, and it was truly an incredible race! With over 35,000 participants, the Vancouver Sun Run is not only one of the largest races in North America, but also Canada’s largest 10k road race. Our brave Acsenda students and dedicated staff were part of this amazing event, showcasing their spirit and determination. Despite the rain, our team of runners and walkers took on the challenge, showing their resilience and enthusiasm as they tackled the scenic course. Starting from Burrard and Georgia, the route highlighted Vancouver’s downtown core, with breathtaking views of the waterfront, English Bay, and the iconic Burrard Street Bridge. The course then took our team through the vibrant neighborhoods of Mount Pleasant and South False Creek, passing by landmarks like Science World, before finishing outside the iconic BC Place Stadium. The energy and excitement were palpable as our Acsenda team crossed the finish line, cheered on by fellow participants and supporters. It was a testament to the indomitable spirit of our students and staff, who displayed courage and determination in the face of challenging weather conditions. We are incredibly proud of our Acsenda team for their participation in the Vancouver Sun Run and their unwavering commitment to pushing their limits. It was an unforgettable experience that showcased their passion for fitness, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles. Congratulations to all our runners and walkers for their outstanding performance! Acsenda University extends its deepest gratitude to the Vancouver Sun Run organizers for hosting such a well-organized and exhilarating event. We look forward to more exciting adventures and opportunities for our students and staff to shine in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on our amazing Acsenda community and their achievements! It was an awe-inspiring race that highlighted the beauty of Vancouver’s cityscape and the determination of our team. Way to go, Team Acsenda! Get your results here: Previous Next

Acsenda BHM Students Attend Travel Show

Acsenda BHM Students Attend Outdoor Travel Show By engaging learners through direct experiences and reflection, Acsenda School of Management aims to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, values, and contribution to their communities. We are excited to share the latest experiential learning activity at Acsenda School of Management! Our students recently attended “The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show – 2023″ under the guidance of our BHM Faculty’s Nirmal Vasanth. Through this event, our students had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and learn about various career options beyond hotels, resorts, and restaurants in the hospitality industry. At Acsenda School of Management, we believe in providing our students with practical experiences that prepare them for the real world. Our commitment to experiential education sets us apart and helps our students excel in their chosen careers. We thank Nirmal Vasanth and our students community for making this learning activity a success! #experientiallearning #hospitalityindustry #networking #AcsendaSchoolofManagement Previous Next

Preparing for the Canadian Work Environment: A Graduate’s Journey

Daniela Garcia Ruesga graduated from the Bachelor of Business Administration program in 2022 with outstanding achievements. Her diligence, motivation, and eagerness to learn set her apart from her peers, and she was a strong leader in the Marketing Club, showcasing her diverse talents and interests. Gaining Diverse Perspectives and Ways of Working Throughout her time at Acsenda School of Management, Daniela enhanced her speaking skills by joining the English Conversation Circle, which gave her the opportunity to put into practice the theories she learned in class. She had the opportunity to put into practice the theory learned and applied it twice for the ASQ Vancouver annual virtual conference in 2020 and 2021 while learning how to reach audiences on social platforms organically. She also collaborated with 28 students from Acsenda & Athena School of Management in generating international business strategies for an entrepreneur and product evaluation case study. After taking the Project Management course, Daniela pursued two industry-backed certifications in agile product development, the Scrum Foundation & Scum Master Scrum Product Owner, which helped her get familiar with the agile framework and learn how to lead a scrum team. This experience taught her the importance of team collaboration to provide incremental value. Daniela enjoyed attending classes with instructors and classmates from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, which gave her different perspectives on working and communicating. She looks forward to applying her knowledge and experience to the Canadian work environment.

Acsenda School of Management Attends Pitch Fest 2023

Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs: Acsenda School of Management Attends Pitch Fest 2023   Starting a business is challenging, and women entrepreneurs face unique barriers. However, at Acsenda School of Management, we believe in fostering a culture of successful, perseverant, and resilient women in business. We recently participated in an initiative to support women entrepreneurs by removing cost barriers and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed. Together with LCBN, Vancity, and University Canada West, we organized Pitch Fest 2023, an event that provided a platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative business ideas and solutions. Contestants received valuable feedback from a panel of judges, and the top performers won up to $3,000 to expand or start their business. To learn more about Pitch Fest, visit As an institution, we are proud to have participated in this initiative and to have inspired our student community to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. If you’re interested in learning more about our commitment to fostering a culture of successful women in business, visit our website. Previous Next Photos By Diego Di Ciurcio

Health Insurance and Medical Care Options for International Students in Canada

Health Insurance and Medical Care Options for International Students in Canada

Health insurance and medical care options for international students in Canada are of utmost importance. Canada has a well-established and comprehensive healthcare system. As a student, you will have access to a range of health insurance and medical care options. What are the health insurance requirements for international students? All international students in Canada are required to have health insurance coverage while they are studying in the country. The Canadian government requires students to enroll in a provincial health insurance plan, which is usually provided by the province or territory where they are studying. In some cases, international students may be able to opt out of the provincial health insurance plan if they have a valid equivalent health insurance plan from their home country. It is important to check with your institution and the health insurance provider if the option is available to you. Students in Canada without PR or citizenship should expect to pay for medical services unless they have private health insurance. If you are planning to study in Canada for 6 months or more you are eligible to apply to the Medical Services Plan (MSP). What are the health or medical insurance options in Canada? International students have access to a wide range of medical care options, including walk-in clinics, emergency rooms, and hospitals. Some universities also offer on-campus health clinics, which provide basic medical services to students. International students can also access specialized medical care, such as dental, eye care, and mental health services.  Provincial health insurance may not cover these services, it requires payment or additional insurance coverage. Some of the health insurance and medical care options for international students in Canada, specifically in the province of British Columbia are: Medical Services Plan (MSP) MSP is the provincial insurance program that pays for required medical services. These include medically necessary services provided by physicians and midwives, diagnostic services including x-rays, dental care and oral surgery performed in a hospital, eye examinations if medically required and some orthodontic services. Check out the services covered by the MSP on the British Columbia website. GuardMe International Insurance Another option that you have is while waiting for the MSP, you can be covered by GuardMe, which is a temporary student health insurance coverage to cover you while you wait for your MSP to start (three months after your arrival in British Columbia). Included will be the cost of GuardMe in your first term tuition. Additionally, you will receive an email containing your GuardMe card; this card contains your policy/certificate number. However, GuardMe only covers new, emergent injuries and illnesses (this is why it is temporary). If you want more information about GuardMe, please check out their website. Also, if you want more information about health insurance and medical care options for international students in Canada, please go to the medical insurance section on the Acsenda website.

Alumnus achieves CITP®|FIBP® diploma with Acsenda’s IBM Program

Alumnus achieves CITP®|FIBP® diploma with Acsenda's IBM Program

COVID-19 did not stop Marinel Rodriguez from earning a Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade and FITT Diploma at Acsenda School of Management. Although her Canadian journey was challenging, Acsenda School of Management has opened a door to her desired career path. Thanks to Acsenda’s unique partnership with FITT, Marinel was able to earn a Diploma in International Trade and later the CITP®|FIBP® designation. Acsenda Providing Exceptional Education and Opportunities for International Business Careers “I am of warmest gratitude to my Acsenda alma mater, professors and staff for giving the exceptional education, training and experience a student deserves. The school provides all students with equal opportunity for a wide range of training and industry exposure through field trips and guest speaker events, which are valuable to success. Like me, this school never fails to continuously improve and grow to be the best and unique in its nature” she said. All International Business Management program students are registered as FITT-accredited students, allowing them to promote themselves as CITP candidates while they work to meet all requirements. Furthermore, Acsenda’s International Business Concentration will enable students to meet the educational requirements for the CITP designation. The International Business Management program will prepare students for careers with all kinds of internationally oriented organizations, local businesses engaged in international trade, licencing or financial agreements, multinational enterprises, banks and other international financial institutions, government organizations and companies having subsidiaries in other countries. What are the international business credentials and certifications offered by FITT in partnership with Acsenda? The Forum for International Trade Training is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals and businesses. FITT offers two international business education credentials and one professional designation based on the global trade competencies acquired through the FITT skills program. Acsenda School of Management has established a unique partnership with FITT. Upon successful completion of the BBA-International Business Management (IBM) program, students become one step closer to achieving the following FITT international business credentials: Educational Credentials: FITT Certificate in International Trade FITT Diploma in International Trade Professional Certification: Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) Additionally, after students complete their studies at Acsenda School of Management, International Business Management program graduates are qualified for the advanced standing to write the two FITT online exams within 60 days of graduation. Also, if you want more information about the International Business Program, please contact us.