Caio Maluf – BBA

Caio Maluf

I chose to pursue my BBA at Acsenda because the courses offered were of my interest and would complement my Engineering degree. Adding to that, its location at the heart of downtown Vancouver was very convenient.

In the small school environment at Acsenda, I have ample opportunities to get to know most of my schoolmates and there were no barriers to talk to teachers– which have helped me tremendously in my studies. The fact that there were so many international students made me understand better how people from different cultures have different perspectives, values and stories to share –which was not only interesting but has also opened my mind and broaden my outlook.

While I am still not 100% sure about my future career plans, for the time being I will apply for a variety of positions, talk to the companies and then decide which would be the best fit for me. Meanwhile, I will also keep running my business offering programming services and maybe eventually start my own MS Excel solutions business.