Christine Chieh – BBA Marketing Management

Christine Chieh

I joined Acsenda’s business program in September 2012 and graduated two years later with a BBA in Marketing Management. While I’ve made mistakes in the past, I’m however certain that choosing to do my BBA at Acsenda wasn’t one of them. Students at Acsenda are given flexibility in their course schedule and the small class setting allows for individual attention and opportunities to learn from regular interactions with instructors and one another.

During my time at Acsenda, I had opportunities to meet students from many other countries and to learn about their cultures — which I now find to be extremely valuable, as my job requires me to form connections with people from all over the world. I’d like to thank Acsenda for helping me see the value and joy of learning from people with diverse backgrounds.

My plans for the future are to continue exploring different cultures while creating career opportunities that will advance my life’s goals. I’m therefore very grateful that I have been able to apply much of the knowledge that I learned at Acsenda in growing my business.