Acsenda hosts annual conference for the Western Canadian Chapters of ASQ

Annual conference of ASQ

What is ASQ?

American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a global organization that has associates and customers in over 130 countries. Their organization incorporates communities of members that assist them to connect with other quality professionals and specialists, increasing their knowledge and progress in their professions, and also expanding their leadership skills. ASQ respects diverse needs and provides people with ideas and tools to create a better space for their communities.

What was the conference about?

On Sunday, November 22nd and Monday, November 23rd, a team of six students from Acsenda School of Management and members of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) completed a five-month project by managing and hosting the annual conference for the Western Canadian Chapters of ASQ.

The students’ teams of Marketing, IBM, and HR were led by Louis Blais, Head of the Marketing Concentration, and Dr. Chehra Aboukinane, Dean of the BBA Program.

While the conference was a two-day event, it actually marked the end of a five-month process. It began with extensive research to develop the marketing strategy for the conference; held online for the first time in ASQ history.

What did the project consist of?

Specifically, the marketing plan created by the students consisted of strategic recommendations. Which were focused on conference pricing, social media strategy, choice of an online platform, developmental progress, and conference topics.

Subsequently, the students had the responsibility of creating a variety of marketing materials for the organization’s social media accounts. Then, they worked to set up the technical backbone of this online conference, including researching, assessing, and recommending the most appropriate digital tools to enhance all aspects of marketing the conference.

What were the final results and the feedback received?

The final results of the project were extremely positive: attendance was up 40% over previous years, ASQ Vancouver’s social media following grew between 70% and 100% on various platforms, and close to 100 positive testimonials were gathered from attendees.

Natella Isazada, Chairperson of ASQ Vancouver, stated that “The Acsenda team surpassed our expectations by far with their commitment and dedication to this project’s success during the preparation and management of the conference.

We received a generous amount of positive feedback from our conference attendees who joined us from all over the world”.  This was one more of the exceptional ways Acsenda provides its students with opportunities to gain real-world skills and experience.

Thank you ASQ Vancouver Section 408 for allowing our students to be part of this educational and exciting conference.


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