Acsenda School of Management added to Chinese list of recognized institutions

Acsenda School of Management is very pleased to announce that it has been added to the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Education’s list of recognized institutions.

“This is a recognition of Acsenda, and the incredible work of everyone at Acsenda over the past 16 years in building the reputation of our organization through the high quality of our programs and services for students” said President Neil Mort. “This new designation will expand educational opportunities for us with students and institutions from the People’s Republic of China and increase the range of employment opportunities for our graduates.”

In China, the Ministry of Education regulates the educational system, including the enforcement of national education standards and recognition of institutions globally.

This listing illustrates that Acsenda’s programs have been assessed and approved by the MOE, making it possible for our students to transfer to schools and pursue further studies in China, as well as for our graduates to work in public institutions in China.

Acsenda School of Management is very grateful to be added to this list and remains devoted to continuing to demonstrate the quality of our degree programs at an international level.

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