Acsenda Celebrated the World Creativity & Innovation Week

During April, Acsenda School of Management joined the global celebration of creativity during World Creativity & Innovation Week.We were thrilled to host a variety of engaging events, bringing together our faculty, staff, and students for an inspiring week of creativity and innovation.

Creativity Workshop with Fuat Ramazanov

Our IBM Program Director, Fuat Ramazanov , led an exhilarating Creativity Workshop during ASM’s Creativity Week. Participants took part in five engaging exercises specially designed to spark innovation within them. This workshop stood out for its inclusive participation of faculty, staff, and students, engaging in diverse activities such as art creation, idea generation, and prototype development. It was fantastic to see everyone sharing and creating together!

“Creativity and innovation are woven into the very fabric of our institutional values. We value creativity and innovation, from the origins of ideas to applying knowledge to develop new initiatives. We implement teaching strategies to boost higher-order skills among our students and equip them with the skillset needed to develop creative and innovative solutions for their future organizations.” – ASM

Graphic Design Course with Tania Castillo and Azra Semanić, ASM Marketing Department.

Last week, Tania Castillo, Communications Manager, and Azra Semanić Marketing Officer, led an insightful Brand & Visual Design Course. Participants delved into the fundamentals of developing brands & graphic design and learned how to create captivating visuals for their clubs and social media presence.

#Themarshmallowchallenge with Andrew Woods

Throughout the week, students participated in challenges like the #themarshmallowchallenge with Andrew Woods, DMgt., MBAduring select classes. It was a fun and interactive way to unleash creativity and innovation.

At Acsenda, we are committed to nurturing creative thinking and fostering a culture of innovation within our community. We were proud to celebrate World Creativity & Innovation Week and look forward to continuing to inspire creativity and innovation among our students and staff.

Let’s continue celebrating creativity together!

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