Professional development opportunities at ASM

April was a month filled with enriching professional development opportunities at Acsenda School of Management. From informative workshops to engaging webinars, participants had the chance to enhance their skills and expand their networks.

Here are some of the standout events from last month:

1. Leaders of Tomorrow Info Session The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Greater Vancouver Board of Trade program is designed to empower final year post-secondary students to become emerging leaders. Led by Erika Murato, the Coordinator of Leadership Programs, and enriched by the firsthand experience and insights shared by Richard A. Pérez Ramírez , an ASM student involved in the program this info session introduced students, including those from Acsenda, to the benefits of joining the LOT community. Participants learned about mentorship opportunities and gained insights into enhancing their skills and networks.

2. Toastmasters Meeting Toastmasters International is renowned for its commitment to developing effective communicators and leaders. Acsenda’s bi-weekly Toastmasters meetings, hosted by Student Services, provided students with a supportive environment to practice public speaking, presentation, and leadership skills. These meetings offered invaluable opportunities for students to refine their communication abilities and build confidence.

3. CIM | Chartered Managers Canada CIM Professional Development Day Hosted by the CIM British Columbia & Yukon Chapter, the CIM Professional Development Day featured a presentation by Shirin Purewal, Founder/Owner of BC Home Group. With a focus on “Maximizing Business Efficiency: Harnessing AI/IT and Delegation Strategies,” participants gained valuable insights into optimizing business operations. Dr. Andy Basi, Vice President of Academics, and alumna Lizette Hernandez provided additional guidance, enriching the learning experience for attendees.

4. Tax Tips and Strategies Webinar Navigating Canada’s tax landscape can be complex, but Acsenda’s Tax Tips and Strategies webinar aimed to simplify the process. Covering topics such as tax brackets, deductions, and strategic tax tips, participants gained essential insights applicable to various life stages and financial situations. This webinar provided valuable knowledge to help individuals make informed decisions regarding their finances.

Overall, April was a month of growth and learning for the Acsenda community. As we continue to prioritize professional development, we look forward to offering even more enriching opportunities in the months to come.

For inquiries or to stay updated on future events, please contact Career Services Manager: Nicolas Wang

Thank you to all participants for their active engagement and dedication to personal and professional growth.

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