Vancouver Sun Run 10k: Acsenda School of Management Joins the Race!

From Global Classrooms to Vancouver Streets: Acsenda Took on the Sun Run Challenge!

Last Sunday, thousands of runners hit the pavement for the 40th annual Vancouver Sun Run. On April 21st, Acsenda School of Management’s staff, faculty, and students proudly laced up alongside over 45k participants. A huge round of applause for our spirited team! Special thanks to the training sessions team for turning this journey into an unforgettable experience for this rookie runner. We couldn’t have been prouder of everyone’s dedication!

Living the Canadian experience as an international student was about more than just academics—it was about embracing new challenges, forging connections, and making memories. We laced up our shoes, joined the event on April 21st, and were part of this historic occasion.

Together, we created new memories infused with the same energy and passion that spark this incredible tradition.

Vancouver saw what the ASM community was made of!

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