The Benefits of Studying in Canada: Opportunities for International Students

1.     Have a multicultural experience

Canada has a vast population of people from different cultures, making it the perfect place to begin your educational journey. It offers a great number of innovative activities that vary from culture to culture, increasing your opportunity to experience different traditions, beliefs, history, food, music, and interests. Besides, this interaction with others is an important part of the educational experience and can help you build an international network, as well.

2.     Live in a bilingual environment, learn English and French

Canada is a bilingual country, with its two official languages being English and French.  Hence, the academic experience helps to develop these language skills, increasing your chances of garnering a professional career in Canada. Even though Acsenda has international students from different countries, it encourages everyone to practise speaking English as much as possible and even offers French language circles for people that are interested in learning the language.

3.     Gain work experience before and after you graduate

The knowledge gained from your academic studies is going to have a big impact on your work life, for that reason, it is important to pursue work experience before you graduate. Therefore, Acsenda offers these kinds of opportunities, including practicum programs and volunteering alternatives that can give you an insight into what to expect in the professional world and how to succeed in it.

4.     Take advantage of a recognized education

Canada’s quality of education helps students achieve recognition from different institutions around the world. As a result, Acsenda provides different programs to choose from, helping students to pursue their desired career, facilitating entry into a competitive global business environment.

5.     Benefit from the quality of life in Vancouver

Vancouver offers a very high quality of life, from education to standard of living. But it doesn’t stop there. Whether it is mountains, forests, lakes… Vancouver’s natural surroundings are unparalleled, allowing you to take advantage of the scenery, exploring in the company of new friends.

Quality of life in Vancouver

To find more information about Vancouver and its services, please visit the City of Vancouver website. Also, if you are interested in studying in Canada, check the academic programs that Acsenda offers for post-secondary studies.

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